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This week on Skepticality, Tim Farley wraps up the year in Skepticism and Swoopy treats listeners to a splash of monkey news.
Show Notes

Date – December 31, 2010 read by Derek

Skeptic History Notes
The first 10:23 Campaign mass overdose was January 30, 2010.
The 2011 version of the event is planned for this coming February 6th during QED Con.
The Evidence Check on Homeopathy was issued by the House of Commons February 22.
Prince Charles’ Foundation for Integrated Health announced its closure on April 30.
The Royal London Homeopathic Hospital changed its name on September 16.
Simon Singh won his appeal on the word “bogus” on April 1,
and the BCA dropped their lawsuit on April 15.
The Lancet retracted Andrew Wakefield’s infamous 1998 paper on February 2.
Wakefield was “struck off” as a physician in England on May 24.
A US Federal Court rules that mercury in vaccines is not the cause of autism on March 12.
The FDA issued a warning about chelation products on October 14.
The New South Wales HCCC warned the public about Australian Vaccination Network (AVN).
AVN lost its official government status as a charity effective October 20.
The US FDA warned the public about Miracle Mineral Supplement on July 30.
This led to a Rhys Morgan’s “bleachgate” in the UK.
The US FTC banned the makers of Kinoki “Detox” Foot Pads
from selling a variety of products on October 28.
The Australian government forced Power Balance to issue refunds and
admit there is no evidence their products work on December 22.
Rachael Dunlop won a Shorty Award on March 3,
despite voting fraud committed by followers of alt-med mavens Mike Adams and Joe Mercola.
Paul Kurtz resigned from the Center For Inquiry on May 18.
Phil Plait’s new TV show Bad Universe premiered (in the US) on August 29.
The second TAM London was October 16 – 17 and TAM Australia was November 26 – 28.

Obituaries include:
Robert S. Minton, a critic of Scientology, January 20.
Helen Kagin, co-founder of Camp Quest, February 17.
Charles B. Moore, debunker of the Roswell UFO, March 2.
Michael Thalbourne, Australian parapsychologist, May 4.
Martin Gardner, legendary science writer & skeptic, May 22.
Bob McCoy, creator of the Museum of Quackery, May 23.
Steve Schneider, climate scientist, July 19.
Jack Horkheimer, popularizer of astronomy, August 20.
Geoffrey Crawley, debunker of the Cottingley fairy photos, October 29.
Charles Reynolds, magician and debunker of Uri Geller, November 4.
David Alexander, Skeptic Society board member, December 21.
Denis Dutton, philosopher and founder of New Zealand skeptics, December 28.
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