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Last week, a widely circulated Associated Press story reported that "a vast array of pharmaceuticals — including antibiotics, anti-convulsants, mood stabilizers and sex hormones — have been found in he drinking water supplies of at least 41 million Americans". Derek and Swoopy look beyond the headline hype in their interview with Dr. Shane Snyder, who published his first study on "Screening of Drinking Water for Possible Endocrine Disrupting Compounds" over ten years ago. As a doctor of Environmental Toxicology and Zoology, Dr. Snyder has devoted most of his career to studying the evidence of chemical, environmental and pharmaceutical compounds in the water supply—and what harm, if any, it poses to the organisms that utilize it.
Show Notes

Date – March 18th, 2008, Read by Swoopy

Torchwood foreshadows this episode.
Are there hormones in the water? 
PPCPs are Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products. 
Derek works in Environmental Engineering.
Safe Drinking Water Act Was Enacted in the 70's
Dr. Shane Snyder was referenced in the AP story.
Dr. Snyder works for the Southern Nevada Water Authority.
Dr. Snyder started with studies on Lake Mead in the 90's.
Las Vegas depends on the man made Lake Mead for water. 
Similar to Las Vegas, Atlanta depends on man made Lake Lanier. 
Even if climate change is not caused by people, conservation won't hurt. 
It has been an above average year for precipitation in the West.
One year's extra precip does not change an overall pattern of drought.
Las Vegas has some of the most successful conservation programs in the world.
All the fountains in Las Vegas use recycled water. 
What is recycled water?
Water reuse will likely become commonplace as demands on water use increase. 
Orange County California has a renowned recycled water system.
In many cases it costs more to move water from one place to another than to recycle it. 
The EPA is responsible for our safe drinking water.
The different states each have to enforce their own water quality.
Well water is not regulated. 
Discussion of drugs in drinking water is not a new story. 
It may not be more chemicals in water, it's better ability to detect smaller amounts. 
It may be that people are taking more prescription drugs than ever before. 
The largest amount of trace hormones in water are naturally occurring, not drugs. 
Climate changes in water scarcity and temperature are of greater concern. 
1996 Safe Drinking Water Act required screening of unsafe chemicals.
The Endocrine Disruptor Screening Program was implemented in 1996. 
Not every trace chemical can be removed from water. 
The best practice is to create a maximum amount at which a substance is safe. 
Pathogens are the biggest concern for drinking water. 
If you are concerned you can add a filter at your home tap. 
How does water treatment in the USA compare to other countries?
In general the USA is at least on par with the EU and other first world countries.
We're back to talking about Fluoride.
Fluoride is a chemical that is mandated to be in water on a local basis. 
Bottom Line – Our Water Is Safe To Drink.
Don't worry about Blinky. 
One part per billion represents 0.0000001 percent.
The long term effects on wildlife that are constantly exposed to this water are important. 
For more on Dr. Snyder and his work check the Southern Nevada Water Authority. 
For all your water information needs: The Water Encyclopedia.
You can also check out the American Water Works Association. 
Skepticality outro.

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