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What was it about iTunes that changed the way we buy music? What inspires people to donate to causes online, and what factors make the game Angry Birds so addicting? This week on Skepticality, Swoopy talks with Charles L. Mauro, a Certified Human Factors Engineering Professional and founder of MauroNewMedia, which has pioneered groundbreaking research on how we consume and respond to media (including television, web, mobile and virual platforms), how we engage in social networking, and even why sometimes we can't seem to stop.
Show Notes

Date – March 22, 2011 read by Derek
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Skeptic History Notes
Stanley Pons & Martin Fleischmann (born March 29, 1927)
announced their discovery of cold fusion in a press conference on March 23, 1989.
Steven E. Jones was left out of it, but later gained fame in the 9/11 Truth movement.
David Icke announced he was the son of god in a press conference on March 27, 1991.
James Randi announced the creation of the James Randi Educational Foundation.
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We learned about the work of Charles Mauro from an article on his blog entitled:
Why Angry Birds is so successful and popular: a cognitive teardown of the user experience
Charles Mauro
holds a Masters Degree in Ergonomics from New York University.
and is a Certified Human Factors Engineering Professional.
Since 1975 he has been President of MauroNewMedia.
Ubisoft's Rocksmith will be a Guitar Hero type game using a real guitar.
One of the tools used to monitor user response is eye tracking.
MauroNewMedia works with many Fortune 500 companies, including Apple.
People spend 200 million minutes a day or 1.2 billion hours a year playing Angry Birds.
Find out more about the studies and methodolgies used by MauroNewMedia at their website.
You can read about trends and insights into usability engineering at Mauro's Blog

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