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In her new book, The Calculus Diaries: How Math Can Help you Lose Weight, Win in Vegas, and Survive a Zombie Apocalypse, author and science blogger Jennifer Ouellette reminds us that our stubborn resistance to calculus is not entirely rational, and that we all do a little calulus every day whether we know it or not. This week on Skepticality Swoopy talks with Jennifer about how The Calculus Diaries seeks to inspire our math-phobic culture by explaining complex concepts using simple real world applications like theme park rides, shopping for real estate and even fortune telling.
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Date – September 21, 2010 read by Derek

Dragon*Con and Skeptrack 2010 has come and gone.
We may be having another round table episode to talk about Dragon*Con.
Today's guest is Jennifer Ouellette, author and blogger.
Today in Skeptic History is brought to you by Tim Farley.
The Last of the Salem Witch Trials were on September 22, 1692.
This history of astrology was covered in Skepticality #123 and #137.
Samuel Hopkins Adams expose of snake-oil was first published October 7, 1905.
The FDA declared victory over the Hoxsey Cancer treatment on September 21, 1960.
The FDA and AMA convened the National Congress on Medical Quackery on October 6, 1961.
You can read daily Skeptic History on Twitter, Facebook and Friendfeed.
Jennifer is also the director of the Science and Entertainment Exchange.
Jennifer knows the secrets of TRON: Legacy.
Her popular blog is Cocktail Party Physics.
Her previous books include:
The Physics of the Buffyverse, Black Bodies and Quantum Cats and
Her newest book is The Calculus Diaries.
Jennifer was recently at SETICon.
Joss Whedon – you're missing out, not knowing Jennifer Ouellette.
Managing Infinity is an important part of Calculus.
You can see the Mythbusters take on the Archimedes Death Ray.
Pride and Prejudice and Zombies is a book by Seth Grahame-Smith.
Real world epidemiology can benefit from Mathematical modeling of fantasy epidemics.
This includes the Corrupted Blood epidemic in the MMO World of Warcraft.
Second Life had an economic collapse of virtual banks, shortly before the real ones.
Lindens are Second Life currency.
Niels Bohr was fascinated by the iChing.
An example of probability and fortune telling is eluded to in The Amber Spyglass.
Bouffon's Needle is an example of geometric probability that can be solved with calculus.
Many everyday activities involve our brains doing calculus like surfing and baseball.
Num3ers was a show about how “We All Use Math Every Day.”
There are teachers guides and exercises that go along with episodes of Num3ers.
The Big Bang Theory is the highest rated show on TV right now. It's about geeks, and physics.
Jane Espenson is the key to all things wondrous in Sci-Fi.
You can follow Jennifer Ouellette on Twitter.
Find out where to see Jennifer, at her personal website.

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