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We check in with Skeptic Magazine's founding publisher Dr. Michael Shermer about the dubious claims regarding Steorn's perpetual motion machine and Dr. Phil Plait, the Bad Astronomer weighs in on the trials and tribulations of Pluto.
Show Notes

Date -Wednesday August 30th, 2006 – read by Swoopy

Skepticality theme
Gearing up for Dragon*Con 2006
George Hrab is coming to Dragon*Con
The Amazing Adventure goes to the Bermuda Triangle
The BBC asks for our thoughts on Steorn
We ask Dr. Michael Shermer about perpetual motion hoaxes
Promo – The Parsec Awards
Kind words from our friend P.W. Fenton of Digital Flotsam
Who is the Bad Astronomer?
Interview with Dr. Phil Plait on the IAU conference
The decision is in.
The Bad Astronomer's requiem for Pluto
Maybe Pluot?
Dr. Phil gets confused about Underpants Gnomes.
What's coming up for Skepticality.
Skepticality outro

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