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George Hrab
 Guests: George Hrab & Scott Sigler
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Over the last five years Skepticality has been pleased to interview some of the world's most interesting and noteworthy skeptics and scientists and some of those skeptics and scientists are also gifted artists. This week Swoopy and Derek talk with George Hrab about the release of his new album Trebuchet, which he is kind enough to provide to our listeners in it's entirety for free as a full album mp3. Among the many topics, and music clips, George talks about marketing this new album via his award nominated Geologic Podcast, and about the subject matter that is, as always relevant to his audience of skeptics and music lovers alike. Additionally Derek chats with New York Times best selling author Scott Sigler, about the release of his book Ancestor (a sci-fi horror thriller that is steeped in hard science) by Crown books on June 22nd. Scott didn't just stop by to chat, he also has some special giveaways for Skepticality listeners.
Show Notes

Date – June 17th, 2010 read by Derek
It's finally here – George Hrab's new album, Trebuchet.
You can get the full album for free as an Mp3 – Right HERE!
For the first time George has the Geologic Podcast, which helped shape Trebuchet.
Audio clip – Never Knew – George Hrab, Trebuchet
Audio clip – God is Not Great – George Hrab, Trebuchet
Audio clip – Death from the Skies – George Hrab, Trebuchet (featuring Dr. Phil Plait)
Audio clip – Happy Birthday Baby – George Hrab, Trebuchet
Audio clip – Hai Yookito Ya – George Hrab, Trebuchet (featuring George's Mom)
Trebuchet was recorded at BSharp Studios which is owned by Slau.
Slau is responsible for the world getting to know George and love his music.
The Fabulous Ms. Information designs the cd packaging everything else.
You should follow her on Twitter.
Audio clip – Small Comfort – George Hrab, Trebuchet
Cellist, Peter Gregson played on Small Comfort, recorded by Milton Mermikides.
Audio clip – Where Have You Been – George Hrab, Trebuchet
Outro Music – Trebuchet – George Hrab, Trebuchet
You can buy a physical copy of Trebuchet at CDBaby.
One person will receive a copy with a Golden Ticket inside.
If you get the Golden Ticket, George will play a show at your house.
Unicorn Hotel in the Afterlife. You heard it here first.
George will be at The Amazing Meeting Australia.
Also, George will be at Dragon*Con.
Scott Sigler's book Ancestor will be released June 22nd by Crown.
Watch the book's trailer video on YouTube (NSFW),
Leave a comment and mention Skepticality and you could win one of two prizes.
You have until June 28th to enter. Winners will be announced on June 29th.

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