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 A view of The Amazing Meeting 7 from near and far.
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This week on Skepticality, Derek & Swoopy recap The James Randi Educational Foundation's Amazing Meeting 7 conference, which took place this past week in Las Vegas, Nevada. Derek recounts his many adventures as a TAM7 attendee, including his interviews and discussions with TAM Guests including Ray Hyman, Jennifer Oullette and MythBuster Adam Savage. Looking at this epic convention in a new way, Swoopy shares her impressions of following the conference from home via social networking websites such as Twitter, Facebook and uStream.
Show Notes

Date -July 14th, 2009 read by Derek.

The Amazing Meeting 7 took place July 9-12, 2009 at the South Point Hotel and Casino.
See all the Flickr photos from TAM7. 
Author and skeptic Bart Farkas helps arrange media requests at TAM.
This year Derek talked with Adam Savage and Brian Brushwood in a moving car.
Audio – Brian Brushwood talks with Adam Savage (snippet)

This year, Swoopy attended TAM from home via web streaming and Twitter.
Jeff Wagg did a great job of getting a lot of TAM online to the masses.
You can follow the JREF on Twitter as well as:
Adam Savage
Jeff Wagg 
Brian Brushwood
And many many more.
Jennifer Ouellette gave a great talk about skepticism in popular culture.
Audio – Jennifer Ouellette's TAM talk (snippet). 

Swoopy got to watch a lot of TAM as it happened live on uStream.
The videos will not be rebroadcast – buy the TAM DVD to support the JREF. 
You can even Tweet friends for "proof of life" of other friends at the same event.
Derek missed the TAM Talent show where Jeff Wagg did the chat room's bidding.
A very popular show at TAM was the hilarious "Nigerian Spam Scam Scam" 
Audio – "Nigerian Spam Scam Scam" (snippet).

TAM was held at the South Point Casino this year.
Robert Lancaster was presented with the JREF first Citizen Skeptic award.
Robert's website helps combat psychic and huckster Sylvia Browne.
Dr. Joseph Albietz, led a fund raiser to help vaccinate the children of Nevada.
Audio – Dr. Joseph Albietz, talks with Derek at TAM (snippet).

You can donate to help pay for the vaccinations of needy children HERE.
Alison Smith debuted the good works by Skeptics via┬á
Mentalist Banachek administered a Million Dollar Challenge test to Connie Sonne.
Connie Sonne attempted to use dowsing to determine the identity of hidden cards.
She was not successful.
Skeptrack at Dragon*Con will try to engage as many folks online as we can.
The next Amazing Meeting will be TAM London. (Sold Out). 
We'll have interviews coming up with Ray Hyman, and Jennifer Ouellette.

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