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Michael Stackpole
 Interviews: Michael A. Stackpole, Alison Smith & Dr. Phil Plait
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On this week's Skepticality, Derek talks with Dr. Phil Plait (a.k.a. "The Bad Astronomer"), Alison Smith (founder of the Skeptical Analysis of the Paranormal Society), and author Michael A. Stackpole (leader of the Arizona Skeptics) about the recent Amazing Meeting 5.5 conference on the topic of "Skepticism and Activism." These distinguished guests also reveal details of their plans for 2008, and Phil sheds some light on possible impending Death from the Skies—the subject of his soon-to-be-published second book.
Show Notes

Date – February 5th, 2008, Read by Swoopy
The Amazing Meeting 5.5 was a mini event held last month.
TAM is held by the James Randi Educational Foundaton. 
Our guests today all spoke at TAM 5.5.
These folks are regular contributors to Skepticality.
Michael A. Stackpole who spoke at TAM 5.5 on the topic of "Getting the Truth Out There."
Michael authored the highly publicized Pulling Report regarding role playing games.
Alison Smith has taken the skeptic community by storm.
Alison is an intern at the JREF and helps with the Million Dollar Challenge.
Alison's group is the Skeptical Analysis of the Paranormal Society.
SAPS was formed over Alison's outrage toward the Ghost Hunters shenanigans.
Apparently there were wild parties at TAM 5.5. 
Dr. Phil Plait was the first interview guest on Skepticality in 2005.
His immensely popular blog and book is entitled Bad Astronomy.
Phil's next book will be released this fall and is entitled Death From the Skies. 
Phil filled in for usual TAM MC Hal Bidlack, who is running for office in his home state.
Recent pictures from Mars have inspired more foolishness that Phil quickly debunked.
Recent asteroid scares were also highly over-rated.
All of the guests on today's program will likely be at The Amazing Meeting 6.
You can find out all about TAM 6, and soon register for the event here.
The announced keynote speaker for TAM 6 is Neil DeGrasse Tyson.
Other announced guests include Richard Wiseman, Penn & Teller, and Adam Savage.
Additionally there will be workshops given by Benjamin Radford and Banacheck.
And George Hrab will be performing!
If you can't manage TAM 6, consider Dragon*Con 2008.
Many of the guests at TAM will be at Dragon*Con, including James Randi. 
Dragon*Con 2008 runs from August 29th – September 1st in Atlanta, GA.
2008 is the first year for a Skeptic programming track at Dragon*Con.
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