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Since Derek is in the hospital still, David Federlein took it upon himself to record and send us some cool interviews and content from The Amazing Meeting 4.
Show Notes

– Date – Friday, February 3rd, 2006 – read by Derek and Swoopy

Show Content
– Who are we anyway?
– Talking about Skepticism in the everyday world
– Discussion of Oprah being truthful
– Discussion of Kevin Trudeau
– The Qlink to improve your golf game – or not.
– Supposed claims of the Qlink
– NIH funding of biofield research
– QLink research shows….
– The Wavesheild
– About TAM 4
– Jealous of David Federlein (he's so cool)
– Promo – Will and Iris
– Bump – Voice of James Randi of the James Randi Educational Foundation
– Interview – David Federlein interviews Bob Carroll of the Skeptic's Dictionary at TAM 4
– More Interviews coming soon.
– Talk of the cool pictures from listeners
– We're going to be in a documentary about Podcasting.
– We're going to be on The Center for Inquiry's podcast Point of Inquiry next week.

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