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Greydon Square
 Interview: Greydon Square
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The mainstream rap and hip hop communities are known not only for a way with words and penchant for controversy, but also for occasional drama. Rapper Greydon Square is no exception. On this week's episode of Skepticality, Derek and Swoopy hang loose with Greydon and talk about his musical influences, being embraced by the atheist community — and why this Compton native (raised as a legal orphan by the Department of Children & Family Services of California) refuses to be a product of the system.
Show Notes

Date – July 29th, 2008 read by Swoopy

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We’ve been fortunate to interview some great scientists.
But some of our favorite interviews are with unexpected friends.
One such interview was with George Hrab in 2005.
The show was a double bill with rap and hip hop artist Greydon Square.
A recent falling out with the Rational Response Squad had created controversy.
JREF general manager Jeff Wagg wasn’t worried, and did not cancel the show.
The intimate show included talk about Greydon’s turbulent past.
Music – Gone from The Compton Effect by Greydon Square. 
Given name Eddie Collins, grew up an orphan of the state of California.
Native of Compton. 
Greydon served in the Army during Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2004.
After studying religion, Greydon became an atheist and member of the RRS.
Greydon is currently a student in Arizona, majoring in Physics.
Brian Sapient has been a past guest on Skepticality.
The show at the Amazing Meeting showed a more vulnerable Greydon Square.
This episode is Explicit. 
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Music – Mission Statement from The Cpt. Theorem by Greydon Square.
Music – Pandora’s Box from The Compton Effect by Greydon Square.
Greydon is a fan of Battlestar Galactica, but not the end of this season.
Music – Tuesday from The Cpt. Theorem by Greydon Square. 
The CPT Theorem, Greydon’s second album was just released on July 22nd 2008. 
You can catch Greydon’s videos on YouTube or catch him MySpace and Facebook
You can hear Greydon’s tunes on MySpace or buy them on iTunes
Outro Music – Addressed from The Compton Effect by Greydon Square 
Skepticality outro.

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