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This week, Derek and Swoopy recap Skeptrack at Dragon*Con 2009 and chat with musician James Deem about the upcoming Charlotte Pop Fest. Not your average music festival, this year Charlotte Pop Fest (September 24-26th) will celebrate the life of Charles Darwin and all proceeds from the event will benefit the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason & Science.
Show Notes

Date -September 15, 2009 read by Swoopy.

Thanks so much for all the great feedback on our last show with author Dave Cullen.
Skeptrack at Dragon*Con was awesome. 
There were representatives from the NCSE, IYA, SCA, JREF and AA at D*C. 
Surly Amy designed special pendants for us! 
Sasha Pixlee created three cocktails in our honor including The Skepticality. 
Dragon*Con happens every Labor Day weekend in Atlanta, GA plan now for 2010. 
Upcoming Skeptic events include TAM London, and Skepticon 2.
Music -James Deem  "Dear God" (XTC Cover) 
James Deem is a singer/songwriter/podcaster and organizer of Charlotte Pop Fest!
Following Dragon*Con will Charlotte Pop Fest benefiting the Richard Dawkins Foundation.
Some of the artists appearing at Charlotte Popfest include:
Jill Sobule, The Posies and the Smithereens. 
Swoopy geeks about her fave Smithereens song Blood and Roses.
Jeff Lynne is the bomb, as is ELO. 
Apparently Rick Springfield is still awesome too. 
The Knack's Doug Fieger is battling cancer, they will not be attending Charlotte Pop.
The Knack's My Sharona turns thirty this month. 
Beatles Rock Band isn't the same as actually being able to play Beatles songs on guitar. 
Jill Sobule performed at TAM 5 with Julia Sweeney. 
Richard Dawkins will speak at Queens University of Charlotte on Wednesday, Oct. 14th.
Music -James Deem  "Dear God" (XTC Cover)
You can get tickets and information regarding Charlotte Pop Fest HERE. 
Also follow Charlotte Pop on Twitter, Facebook and MySpace.
You can subscribe to the Charlotte PopCast HERE.(iTunes link)
The limited edition CD is available HERE. 

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