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Charlotte Pop Fest 2009
 Charlotte Pop Fest 2009
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On this week's Skepticality, Derek and Swoopy have just returned from Charlotte PopFest, a unique music festival with proceeds benefiting the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science. Unexpected local media backlash against the PopFest benefiting a group of "evolutionists" is further evidence why events like this one, the first of it's kind, are so important. These sentiments are echoed in this week's short interviews with PopFest musician Jill Sobule, members of the Charlotte Atheists and Agnostics and Keith Williams, a local Charlotte skeptic who wrote a letter to WBTV Charlotte to express his concern over their reporting of the PopFest as an example of "science and religion butting heads".
Show Notes

Date -September 29, 2009 read by Derek.

There will soon be audio available from Skeptrack at Dragon*Con.
There's also a goat involved, but you'll hear about that later. 
Upcoming Skeptic events include TAM London. 
Following Dragon*Con was Charlotte Pop Fest benefiting the Richard Dawkins Foundation 
Richard Dawkins will speak at Queens University of Charlotte on Wednesday, Oct. 14th.
Prior to the Dawkins talk there will be a Skeptic's in the Pub Charlotte.
We got to hang out with the Charlotte Atheists and Agnostics at Charlotte PopFest.
Debbie Goddard from the Center for Inquiry came all the way from Amhearst NY.
On the first day of Charlotte PopFest WBTV ran a story about us "Evolutionists".
The United States trails the rest of the world population in belief of Evolution.
The new film Creation had trouble finding a US distributor.
Dr. Eugenie Scott from the National Center for Science Education praises the film.
You can find out more about The Charlotte Atheists and Agnostics at their website.
You can also follow their updates on Twitter.
Local Charlotte skeptic Keith Williams wrote to WBTV to decry their slanted journalism.
Music – The Posies  Suddenly Mary 
Some of the artists appearing at Charlotte Popfest included:
Jill Sobule, The Posies and the Smithereens. 
We once again got to catch up with Jill Sobule at Charlotte PopFest.
Music – Jill Sobule  Resistance Song 
Jill Sobule performed at TAM 5 with Julia Sweeney. 
The Jill and Julia show is a hit, and will be filmed on New Year's Eve in Chicago.
You can follow Jill on Facebook and Twitter. 
Music – Jill Sobule  Resistance Song 
James Deem is a singer/songwriter/podcaster and organizer of Charlotte Pop Fest.
There is more great stuff coming – and there's a goat. 

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