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On this special bonus episode of Skepticality, celebrating the eve before the final launch of the Space Shuttle Endeavour, Swoopy catches up with author Mary Roach whose best-selling book Packing For Mars was recently released in paperback.
Show Notes

Date – April 28, 2011 read by Swoopy

Author Mary Roach was on Skepticality last fall.
Her best-selling book Packing for Mars was just released in paperback.
Mary is currently on a book tour, find out more at her website.

We are counting down to the final launch of Space Shuttle Endeavour. 
from Kennedy Space Center – on Friday, April 29th at 3:47pm.
There have been lots of Yuri's Night celebrations all over the world.
Mary's New York Times piece was entitled In Space, Nice Guys Finish First.
Space X's Falcon Heavy is the most powerful private rocket ever built.
Mary collaborated with the band One Ring Zero on the song, Zero Gravity Blues.
The head of the Mutter Museum has a couple of pet leeches.

You can follow Mary Roach on Twitter here. 
You can watch the final Endeavor launch on NASA TV or online.

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