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What do pin up photos of famous Skeptics and The Amazing Meeting have in common? This week's episode of Skepticality of course. Skepticality correspondent David Federlein interviews Skepchick founder Rebecca Watson about the 2007 Skepchicks and Skepdudes calendar followed by Derek and Swoopy talking to The Bad Astronomer Dr. Phil Plait about his Skepdude photo as well as his contributions to the upcoming Amazing Meeting 5. Plus a sneak peak at next week's Mythbusters interviews.
Show Notes

Date -Tuesday November 28th, 2006 read by Swoopy.

James Randi tells us all about The Amazing Meeting 5.
Derek and Swoopy are excited about going to TAM.
David Federlein is one of the coolest people on earth.
David Federlein interviews Rebecca Watson of Skeptichick Inc.
Derek and Swoopy talk to The Bad Astronomer about being a Skeptical Pin Up model.
Who else made the SkepDudes calendar?
Phil talks about how much fun TAM4 was.
Why does Adam Savage put himself in harm's way all the time?
We review the TAM 5 schedule.
Is being a naked Skeptic, sexist or just sexy?
Hal Bidlack as Alexander Hamilton, could Phil play Thomas Jefferson?
Astronomers have a very sophisticated sense of humour.
The Moxie coincidence.
Moxie as punishment.
Mrs. Bad Astronomer calls Phil away.
eSkeptic promo.
Skeptic magazine issue 11 is out now.
Swoopy thanks everyone at Skeptic for our ad space in Skeptic.
Next on Skepticality – Mythbusters!
David Federlein asks Kari Byron "what the -bleep- were you thinking?"
Your hosts sign off.
Skepticality outro.
Trypod Network Shoutout

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