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Monster Talk
 Guests: Blake Smith, Benjamin Radford & Dr. Karen Stollznow
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Cryptozoological creatures like Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster and the Chupacabra have fascinated and inspired monster hunters for generations, providing endless reports of sightings, unverified film footage and blurry photographs to feed the public imagination. Thankfully, this kind of speculation and storytelling has also given rise to a new generation of skeptical investigators who use the tools of science to dig into monster claims. This week on Skepticality, Derek & Swoopy talk with Benjamin Radford, Dr. Karen Stollznow, and Blake Smith — the team from the podcast MonsterTalk.
Show Notes

– Date -October 27, 2009 read by Derek.

– Halloween is this weekend!
– Ministry wrote the classic goth tune Everyday is Halloween.
Brian Brushwood will appear at Kennesaw State University on Oct 28th at 8pm.
– On Halloween the JREF and will conduct a Houdini séance.
– You can participate online at at 9pm on October 31st at 9pm EST.
Brian Brushwood will also participate in the Houdini séance along with James Randi.
Carl Sagan was the penultimate science communicator.
Cosmos is the most watched program in PBS history.
– On Saturday Nov. 7th will be the first annual Carl Sagan Day celebration.
– Join James RandiDr. Phil PlaitDavid Morrison and DJ Grothe in Davie, Florida.
– You can find out more information about Carl Sagan Day here.

– Promo – Monster Talk – Nessie!

Monster Talk is becoming part of Skeptic!
– Monster Talk is hosted by:
Blake Smith, Academic, Author and Paranormal Investigator.
– Author Dr Karen Stollznow, Director of the Bay Area Skeptics and blogger.
– Paranormal investigator and author Benjamin Radford.
– You can subscribe to the free weekly newsletter, eSkeptic here.

– Editor of Jr. Skeptic, Daniel Loxton masterminded this new collaboration with Monster Talk.
Monster Talk investigates claims of monsters and the scientists who study them.
– Recent Monster Talk subjects include Big Foot, Lake Monsters and Pterosaurs.
Jane Goodall has been quoted as saying she believes in a North American primate.
Lynne Kelly uncovered dragon lore as part of her study of Crocodiles.
– One of Dr. Stollznow’s favorite monsters are Australian Drop Bears.
– Also a talking mongoose named Gef.
– Ben Radford is currently working on a book on the legendary Chupacabra.
– Why isn’t there any fecal evidence of bigfoot or nessie?
– You can read Dr. Stollznow’s blogs Skepbitch here and Bad Language here.
– Her columns for CSI are here, and soon she’ll be writing for Skeptic.
– Ben Radford writes for the Corrales Comment, also Live Science.
– His website is here at Radford Reviews.
– Check out the shiny new Monster Talk website here.
– Follow Blake Smith on Twitter.
– Swoopy loves Quatchi, but he’s not her favorite monster.
– You can subscribe to Monster Talk on iTunes.

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