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This week's guest on Skepticality is Dr. Scott Hannahs, the Director of DC Field Instrumentation and Facilities National High Magnetic Field Laboratory. Find out a bit about what it is like to work with the worlds most powerful magnet, and what types of experiments require such a powerful bit of scientific equipment and what discoveries and research comes out of the science of magnetic fields.
Show Notes

– Date – December 13th 2011
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Skeptic History Notes

– Comet Kohoutek reach perihelion on December 28, 1973 and did not destroy the earth.
– When Prophecy Fails is Leon Festinger’s account of the failed doomsday prediction of December 21, 1954.
– Kitzmiller v. Dover was decided on December 20, 2005.
– Astrologer Evangeline Adams convinced a judge to rule in her favor via a reading about his son on Dec. 11, 1914.
– Geller v. Randi was finally decided on appeal December 9, 1994.
– The Australian Competition & Consumer Commission ruled against Power Balance on December 22, 2010.
– Skeptic History facts are posted daily on social media find out where on this page at the Skeptools blog.

Show Content

– Michael Marshall of the Mercyside Skeptics.
Manchester Skeptics.
QED aims for a festival feel.
Features Joe Nickell, D.J. Grothe and Richard Saunders.
– Sarah Angliss doing music with robots.
Ticket prices are %10 cheaper than last year.
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Skeptic parents are always asking for books and other materials for kids
– Michael Rubino Artist, Writer, and Evolution Lover.
– His first book is ‘BANG! How We Came To Be‘.
– Used ideas from ‘The Ancestors Tale‘ by Richard Dawkins.
– See Michael’s cool artwork at his online gallery.

– Dr. Scott Hannahs the facility director for the national magnet laboratory.
– Magnet strength is measured in ‘Teslas‘.
– Gotta keep magnets very cold to get to superconductive properties.
– The Magnet Lab holds the record for the highest power magnet.
– Many researchers come to use the lab to publish scientific papers.
– You can see all published research papers on their website.
Learn lots about magnets on their website with lessons.
– Dr. Hannahs specializes in Frustrated Spin Systems.
– Blood cells ‘can’ change their alignment, but it won’t hurt you.
Haliburton attempted to sell scam magnetic oil business equipment.
– Cell Phones have no real way of causing cancer by all known science due to frequency.
– XKCD Comic did an item which showed that cancer causes cell phones.
– Research on cool magnetic launching for next-gen space flight.
– Looking for better, and cheaper mag-lev trains and vehicles.
– The 3rd Saturday in February the Magnet Lab does a free science expo and they do tours each month.

– The Richard Dawkins Foundation is giving away a trip to the Reason Rally.
Learn all about the Reason Rally and why you should go.

– Our good friend, George Hrab, released one of my favorite Christmas Presents ever, a new song.

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