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For over 30 years Matthew Chapman, the great, great grandson of Charles Darwin has written and directed major motion pictures, as well as authoring notable books of his own on the topic of evolution - "Trials of the Monkey - An Accidental Memoir", and "40 Days and 40 Nights - Darwin, Intelligent Design, God, Oxycontin, and Other Oddities on Trial in Pennsylvania". This week on Skepticality, Derek talks with Matthew Chapman about his soon to be released independent film 'The Ledge' (starring Liv Tyler and Terrence Howard), in which a battle of philosophies between a fundamentalist Christian and an atheist escalates into a lethal battle of wills.
Show Notes

Date – June 28th, 2011 read by Derek.

– This weekend was the first Kentucky Skepticamp.
– This weekend was also the Skeptic Society Science Symposium.
– Barbara Drecher's Blog is ICBSEverywhere.
The Amazing Meeting 9 will be July 14-17th in Las Vegas.

Skeptic History Notes
Ignaz Semmelweis, a pioneer in antiseptic procedures, was born July 1, 1818.
– Prosper-René Blondlot, mistaken discoverer of “N rays”, was born July 3, 1849.

– There is more on the N-rays debunk in an E-Skeptic feature from last year.
– Robert Park started the “What’s New” skeptical report on science policy on June 29, 1984.
– Tim was named a Research Fellow of the James Randi Educational Foundation last week.
– You can read daily Skeptic History facts on TwitterFacebook or FriendFeed.

– Today's guest is author and director Matthew Chapman.

Charles Darwin
Sir Francis Darwin
– Darwin kept notebooks about things which contradicted his ideas
– Cecil Chapman was involved with the Ozone Layer
– The Chapman Layer was named after Cecil
– [amazon_link id="0312300786" target="_blank" ]The Trials of the Monkey[/amazon_link] about Matthew's trip see a Scopes Trial re-enactment
– [amazon_link id="0061179469" target="_blank" ]40 Days and 40 Nights[/amazon_link] about the Kitsmiller vs. Dover Trial
The Atheist in the Closet article
– Matthew writes for Harpers and the Huffington Post
– He started the Science Debate movement
– Got the candidates to answer several of the most important questions
Other countries are now going to have their own science debates
Help push for a Science Debate during the 2012 election cycle
– Why do the candidates get asked about UFO's during important elections?
– Matthew has been involved in several big name movies in the past
– New movie, 'The Ledge', was part of Sundance 2011
– Sundance helped get The Ledge picked up by a distributer
– The movie deals with Atheism as well as Gay Rights
– Atheists and Gay people in the USA have a similar demographic makeup
– The Ledge dedicated to Matthew's uncle who has been a victim of gay discrimination
– The only reason that he can think anyone would be against gay rights
– It is never a simple thing as to why people have faith
Patrick Wilson plays a fundamentalist in the movie
– The Ledge had a very interesting set of feedback at Sundance
– The Ledge was showing when a gay rights leader in Africa was murdered with a hammer
– You can see the movie on the IFC website, or video on demand by searching for 'Ledge'
– On July 8th, the movie will premiere at the IFC center and in New York City
– Matthew hopes that Skeptics will show support like the fundamentalists did for Passion
– You can show support with the ideas at -> 'how to help'
– Find out more about Matthew Chapman at his website to follow his upcoming work
– Matthew will be at Dragon*Con Skeptrack 2011

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