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D.J. Grothe
 Guest: D.J. Grothe - New JREF President
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On our last episode we spoke with Phil Plait, the Bad Astronomer, who told us about his decision to step down from his role as JREF President, for an exciting new television opportunity. In this episode, Derek catches up with D.J. to talk about his new role, and some possible new directions and changes that he wants to make to the JREF to make it focused more on educating the public and pushing critical thought out into the populace a but more.
Show Notes

Date -February 16th, 2010 read by Derek.

Derek is alone while Swoopy is up visiting the beautiful Pacific Northwest.
D.J. Grothe is the newest president of the James Randi Educational Foundation.
D.J.'s used to part of CSI which makes him the perfect replacement to succeed Phil at the JREF.
There are some new changes and ideas coming into the JREF
JREF in the classroom to give the younger generation more exposure to critical thinking
There will regional workshop sessions sponsored by the JREF across the country and so people can get 'hands on' with what it means to be a skeptic
Will there be 'non psychic booths at a state fair near you?
'Skeptics 2.0' are really the second generation there have been many others
Skepticality, Skeptics Guide to the Universe, and blogs like Bad Astronomy have exploded in the past five or six years
Skeptics have always been about pushing out to the public, even back to when Randi would go on the Carson Show in the past
D.J. might be leaving Point of Inquiry, but he is now doing the new show; For Good Reason
The new show will feature Jamy Ian Swiss where he talks about deception and how we are 'tricked'
Remember that Skepticality also has a 'sister' podcast, Monster Talk
The 'main stream news' has several 24 hour news channels, so there really are not THAT many skeptical podcasts
Skeptics need to expand and gain more followers into the 'skeptical 'movement'
D.J. has written about Skeptrack at Dragon*Con before, one of his favorite events
D.J. is a big Marvel Universe comic book fan 
Dragon*Con keeps growing, tickets might sell out so get them now while you can
Come to Dragon*Con to watch a live recording of 'For Good Reason'
Many Sci-Fi Authors are also Skeptics, Ray Bradbury, Isaac Asimov, and even Tom Flynn
There will be another TAM London, and a new TAM in Australia, not to mention a new TAM in Switzerland
TAM Last Vegas will again be at the South Point Hotel, keep your eye out on the hotel website for great deals to save money
D.J. is so happy, and excited that so many people e-mail him to offer help, or good ideas
Many of our current problems are from people not thinking critically, using shoddy thinking
You can meet D.J., Phil, and possibly Derek and Swoopy at The Amazing Meeting 8 in Las Vegas

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