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In-depth inquiry is a central virtue in the realms of skepticism and investigative journalism. In both traditions, investigators immerse themselves into unfamiliar worlds in order to understand, inform and illuminate the truth.
Show Notes

Date – May 4th, 2010 read by Derek.

It's Star Wars day. May the Fourth Be With You. Always 
There will be a counter protest against Westboro Baptist Church in Atlanta.
You can find out more at Atlanta Skeptics website and on Facebook.
Swoopy will be speaking at the Atlanta Freethought Society's monthly program.
Here you can find the directions to Atlanta’s Freethought Hall.
On May 8th, the Orange County Freethought Alliance will hold it's first conference.
Atlanta Skepticamp will be held on May 15th and 16th in Sandy Springs. 
The Center for Inquiry DC will host African Americans for Humanism on May 16th.
If you attend, please hug Debbie Goddard for Swoopy.
Both Skepticality and Skeptic's Guide to the Universe are having 5 year anniversaries.
Edward Jenner first tested his inoculation against Smallpox on May 14, 1796.
Smallpox was finally declared eradicated on May 8, 1980. 
You can read daily Skeptic History facts on Twitter, Facebook and FriendFeed.
Gina Welch's first book is "In the land of Believers
An Outsider's Extraordinary Journey into the Heart of the Evangelical Church
The book chronicles her two years as part of Thomas Road Baptist Church.
Thomas Road was founded by the late Jerry Falwell, Sr. founder of the Moral Majority.
There are some evangelicals that are more progressive.
On her Mission with Thomas Road, Gina was sent to minister to Alaskans.
Sarah Palin does not speak for all Alaskans
While at Thomas Road, Jerry Falwell passed away.
There was widespread reaction by the atheist community following Falwell's death. 
You can contact Gina and read her blog at her website.
Gina is also on Twitter.

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