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Julia Sweeney
 Interviews: James Randi, Tory Belleci, Julia Sweeny, Jill Sobule, Michael Shermer, and God
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This week we'll begin sifting through four days of audio and video with some of the best candid moments from the four day brain expanding extravaganza of The Amazing Meeting 5, featuring a cast of familiar characters as well as some brave new voices in skepticism.
Show Notes

Date – January 30th, 2007 – read by Derek

We're back from Las Vegas, with our brains much too big for our heads.
We got presents including a wombat. No wombats were harmed at TAM 5.
Swoopy was a mobile audio unit throughout TAM. You were probably recorded.
If we played all the audio it would sound like this.
Brian Dunning asks if Swoopy is recording – right now.
Then an admirer in an ape costume appears.
And Dean Baird confirms that Skepticality was the first podcast with monkey news.
It all begins with James Randi welcoming everyone to The Amazing Meeting.
Randi notes that Sylvia Browne is on the ropes, again.
We run into listener Mike and get the ultimate compliment.
I run into Tory Belleci all by his lonesome.
I join Julia Sweeney already surrounded by friends and fans and edge in.
I let Julia in on Phil Plait's crush.
The new Jill and Julia Show performed at TAM includes songs and stories.
A sample of Houdini's Box by Jill Sobule, from her self titled album.
Jill digs my kicky boots.
Ironically when discussing when it's okay to edit, Swoopy bleeps the c-word.
There are many more interviews on the way over the next few weeks.
And then Michael Shermer talks about dinner with God.
Dr. Deity is huge on YouTube, on the web and in Podcasting.
Mr. Deity talks with his assistant Larry about Evil.
Torture is in.
Swoopy meets up with Mr. Diety and finds out how he ticks.
Platypus – go.
Mr. Deity is being shopped around at Sundance.
Even Susan had a good time at TAM.
If you have more pictures you want to share, put them on Flickr!
Skepticality outro.
Trypod Network Shoutout.

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