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On this week's episode of Skepticality, Derek & Swoopy explore the good, the bad, and the scary amongtelevision's current crop of offerings — from "Psychic Kids" to "The Mentalist." Also, in a lead up to her favorite holiday, Swoopy ponders the pros and cons of being a skeptic on Halloween….
Show Notes

Date – October 21st, 2008 read by Derek.

Richard Wiseman
 has created the most relaxing room in the world. 
India will launch its first unmanned moon mission.
Chandrayaan-1 (Moon vehicle), a cuboid spacecraft built by the ISRO.
A new glitch has shut down the Hubble Space Telescope.
After retirement the U.S. would have no human launch capability until at least 2015
Discovery of late middle Eocene primates at the in southwest Texas.

There is no shortage of paranormal television with shows like:
Paranormal State
Unsolved Mysteries
Crossing Over
Psychic Kids
MTV's Fear

The folks of TAPS – are on their fourth season as Ghost Hunters.
Ghost Hunting tools are not proven to detect anything. 
Joe Nickell, Benjamin Radford, and Alison Smith have all investigated TAPS.
On the other side of the coin are the Mythbusters, in their seventh season.
Adam, Jamie, Carrie, Tory and Grant continue to bust myths with science. 
UFO Hunters, and Destination Truth are basically the same as the Ghost Hunters.
One promising new show is the remake of the British mini-series Eleventh Hour.
The US version of Eleventh Hour seems to be lacking science. 
If I'm looking for a scientific investigator that entertains, I'll stick with Monk.
Simon Baker plays Patrick Jane an admitted psychic fraud inThe Mentalist.
Read The Bad Astronomer's impressions of The Mentalist at his blog.
The Ghost Whisperer was developed by spiritual medium James Van Praagh.
Each episode deals with one or more ghosts seeking help in "crossing over".
I love Halloween.
Even though Linus waits every year for The Great Pumpkin, and never sees him.
Like Fox Mulder (and Daniel Loxton) "I Want to Believe".
Skepticality outro.

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