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Insomnia; depression; attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder; sexual infidelity. Most of us have dealt with at least one of these issues in our lives, and no wonder — so did our ancient ancestors. This week on Skepticality, Swoopy welcomes back Dr. William Meller for a second round of discussion based on his book Evolution Rx. Evolutionary medicine sheds some light on how the adaptations of early humans affect our emotions, behaviors and our modern daily lives.
Show Notes

Date -December 15th, 2009 read by Swoopy.

Thank to everyone who enjoyed our last episode also with Dr. Meller. 
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Swoopy was asked to join in on an episode of Sasha's Den of Iniquity.
You can listen to the episode about absinthe cocktails here.
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Today we welcome back Dr. William Meller, author of the book Evolution Rx.
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