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Derek presents another interview from his trip to The Amazing Meeting 13, a recorded interview with Yvette d'Entremont, AKA SciBabe, an analytical chemist with a background in forensics and toxicology. Before working full-time as a science writer and public speaker, Yvette worked as a chemistry professor and a toxicology chemist researching pesticides for safety. She now runs her own blog/website, SciBabe, dedicated to debunking pseudoscience that tends to proliferate online and in society. In this episode find out how SciBabe came to be and why she ended up focusing her work on clearing up misinformation about science, food and nutrition.
Show Notes

– Date – December 1st, 2015
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The Odds Must Be Crazy [13:35]
The Odds Must Be Crazy
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– Trivia: Five contributions to modern culture of ancient Greece.
Stress and Relocation.
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Interview: Yvette d’Entremont [18:30]
– Originally was the ‘Science Babe’, but changed it after finding out someone else already was using the name.
– Formal education in Theater and Forensic Science.
– Jokes that she wanted to be ‘Science Dudette’ and follow in the footsteps of Bill Nye.
– Her Forensic degree is in Biological Forensics which is the ‘dirty’ and ‘smelly’ type stuff.
– Had a short stint working in the Homeland Security office dealing with forensic explosives.
– Things like kitty litter and some drugs and chemotherapy may present positive results in bomb scans.
– She was fairly anti-GMO until she got into the industry and learned more about the actual science behind Montsanto and pesticides.
– Now and then she still gets e-mail from people who have turned away from the ‘Food Babe’ after reading about the science on her site.
– You have to realize that even ‘natural’ foods have many complicated ingredients within them as what people consider ‘artificial’.
– Even the smartest people can look like they are not.
– After the ‘Food Babe’ had some fairly negative press over her ideas, she seems to have fallen out of media coverage.
– Saw how easy it is for someone to fall into alternative medicine while having a terrible headache that would not go away.
– The solution is to try the best to provide the public with the best information possible as dictated by known science.
– After getting Science Dog she started to realize how many homeopathic pet ‘treatments’ are out there.
– One of the more strange ones could be a ‘treatment’ that is basically a shot of alcohol that gets your dog drunk which has since gone away.
– There is a ‘treatment’ at CVS which was basically a 40 proof shot of booze.
– Soon after starting her site was informed that Rob Schenider is a major anti-vax & anti-GMO promoter and was involved in getting him fired from being a State Farm spokesperson.
– How, exactly, does ‘steaming your clams’ lengthen your legs again?
– Her newer focus has been Dr. Oz, and his very bad and completely incorrect claims.
– Dr. Oz has a Reiki loving/practicing wife who he has had/used during his actual medical work and surgeries.
– Find out more about SciBabe and see her stuff at her website.

Outro Music [33:00]
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