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This week on Skepticality, Derek presents another recording from the 2012 Skeptrack Panel at Dragon*Con on the topic of “Attracting A Mix: Skeptics and Believers,” featuring Sharon Hill, Tim Farley, and Nicole Gugliucci. Panelists discuss how to tailor your message so it may attract people from the widest range of world views for the greatest potential good.
Show Notes

– Date – September 18, 2012
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Unnatural Virtue

– The advertisement for the Power Balance rubber band bracelet is a model of pseudoscientific jargon, as is the faux testing of it using applied kinesiology.
The Quantum Cell ad says it will ground your nervous system into the earth's electromagnetic field and restore natural resonance.
– You might not want to use this device while drinking Real Alkalized Water with cellular hydration.
– Some of the pseudoscientific stuff is not funny, however. We know that some people have died because of "bomb detectors" that can't detect anything except gullible procurement officers.
– Some faux products, like the polygraph and the penile plethysmograph, are widely used with good intentions, but they are as likely to lead to injustice as to justice.
– Developers of bogus "energy medicine machines" are like whack-a-moles. None can match Albert Abrams, but William Nelson’s Quantum XXroid Consciousness interface comes close.
– The NIH has wasted more than $1.3 billion funding research on CAM (so called complementary and alternative medicine): twenty years of funding the implausible and nothing to show for it. – Many skeptics have called for the closing of NCCAM.
– In addition to bogus technology, there is the abuse of fMRI and SPECT and other established scientific technology.
– For more on pseudoscience check out the Junk Science index on The Skeptic's Dictionary website.
The Skeptics Dictionary and Skeptic's Dictionary for Kids.
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Skeptrack 2012 – Panel 'Attracting A Mix – Skeptics & Believers'

– Congratulations to Monster Talk the 'sister' podcast of Skepticality for winning a Parsec Award!
– Recorded by Abrupt Media for Skeptrack at Dragon*Con
– Panel Moderator is Sharon Hill of Doubtful News and Sounds Sciencey
– Tim Farley of Skeptools and Skepticality
– Nicole Gugliucci the noisy astronomer, and CosmoQuest
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