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With less than thirty days left until (U.S.) Election Day 2008, Skepticality checks in with noted skeptic Lt. Colonel Hal Bidlack (U.S. Air Force, Retired) — the Democratic Party's 5th Congressional District candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives. Swoopy talks with Hal about the challenging and expensive process of seeking public office in the United States, and how the recent upset of financial markets is shaping this election season. Hal also explains how his study of the U.S. Constitution and experience as the nation's premier Alexander Hamilton scholar lends valuable insight even in 2008.
Show Notes

Date – October 7th, 2008 read by Swoopy.

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Hal Bidlack, Lt. Colonel (Ret.) USAF, is the 2008 Democratic Party's candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives, running in Colorado's 5th Congressional District.
The 5th District of Colorado includes the counties of Chaffee, El Paso, Fremont, Lake, Park, and Teller, with a total population of 614,467.
Bidlack’s Republican Party (GOP) opponent in the General Election is the 5th District incumbentCongressman Doug Lamborn. 
Benjamin Alden Bidlack,was elected to the 27th and 28th Congresses in the 1840. 
The Colorado 5th was formed in 1972 – and in that time it has never been represented by a Democrat. 
HR 1424 is the economic stimulus package that was recently signed into law by Pres. Bush
Dr. Bidlack invited his opponents to have breakfast with him once a month – they declined
Even as a man of faith, Dr. Bidlack is a strong advocate for science education. 
Hal is a constitutional and Hamiltonian scholar.
The Chautauqua format has prepared Hal for the rigors of campaign speaking.
You can find out more about Hal's campaign at his website.
You can also contribute to his campaign if you so desire.
The Skeptic's society is a non-profit organization that does not endorse any candidate.
We have never discussed our personal political affiliations on Skepticality.
The most important thing isn't who you vote for – it's simlply that you vote. 
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