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Dan Loxton
 Interview: Daniel Loxton Editor of Junior Skeptic Magazine
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In 2007, Junior Skeptic Editor Daniel Loxton called for renewed focus on classical skeptical activism in an essay entitled Where Do We Go From Here? Released simultaneously as a PDF from and as an audio essay on Skepticality, this article drew tremendous positive response. But many listeners wanted to know, what’s the next step? How does one become a skeptical activist? This week, Skepticality and are pleased to release the follow-up project, What Do I Do Next?: Leading Skeptics Discuss 105 Practical Ways to Promote Science and Advance Skepticism. Daniel Loxton returns to tell Swoopy how a panel of 13 skeptics contributed almost 30,000 words of impassioned, in-depth commentary to this groundbreaking document — and how skeptics like you will take it to the next level.
Show Notes

Date -March 24th, 2009 read by Swoopy.

We're pleased to be speaking with Daniel Loxton, the editor of Junior Skeptic.

Junior Skeptic is bound into every issue of Skepticmagazine, aimed at youngsters. 
Lisa Simpson is a subscriber.
You can become a fan of Junior Skeptic on Facebook.
Daniel also was the driving force behind making Skepticality a part of Skeptic.
In 2007 Daniel published his article Where Do We Go From Here?
One of the great skeptic shows of our time is the originalScooby Doo Where Are You? 
The Buffy the Vampire Slayer reference in the title got us a link on Whedonesque.
Where Do We Go From Here? (PDF) garnered a lot of positive feedback.
The overwhelming follow up question was What Do I Do Next?
Daniel collaborated with 13 other skeptics from around the world on the follow up project. 
The result is a 68 page ebooklet (PDF) that anyone can download for free.
The contributors include: 

Daniel Loxton (Junior Skeptic magazine)
Benjamin Radford (Skeptical Inquirer magazine)
Dr. Eugenie Scott (National Center for Science Education)
Jeff Wagg (James Randi Educational Foundation)
D.J. Grothe (Point of Inquiry podcast)
Brian Dunning (Skeptoid podcast)
Dr. Karen Stollznow (The Skeptic magazine)
Robynn "Swoopy" McCarthy (Skepticality podcast)
Kylie Sturgess (Skeptic Zone podcast)
Tim Farley (What's the Harm? and Skeptools websites)
Dr. Randy Olson (Flock of Dodos documentary)
Pat Linse (Skeptic magazine)
Jay Novella (The Skeptics' Guide to the Universe podcast)

Share your thoughts about this project at the Skeptic Forum.
Download the full discussion — or survey a point-form of the entire list at

PDF – What Do I Do Next (68 pages – full document)

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