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Ivan Oransky
 Interview: Dr. Ivan Oransky
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This episode Derek has a discussion with Dr. Ivan Oransky, MD. Dr. Oransky is the global editorial editor for MedPage Today, and co-founder of Retraction Watch, a site which reports on scientific integrity, fraud, and other issues. He previously was executive editor of Reuters Health and held an editorial position at Scientific American and The Scientist. His main passion is the promotion of science based medicine and encouraging those in the medical field to use a more common sense approach to diagnosis and focus less on 'pre-conditions' and possible symptoms of less-than-certain diseases.
Show Notes

– Date – April 12th, 2016
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Wikipedia Update [8:15]
– The Reason Rally!
– More about Susan Gerbic.

Skeptical Humanities [8:15]
– Bill Nye answers about the connection between science and philosophy.
– Bob helps John Rael on a response.
Does our thinking ‘create’ reality?
– Visit Skeptical Humanities.

The Odds Must Be Crazy [22:50]
– This week’s featured story is, “The Dog Walking Coincidence“.
– YoYo Trivia: How They Work | Walk The Dog
– Story was submitted by Skepticality listener Brian Utterback.
– Please visit the story link for a more detailed analysis and to add your comments.
– Additional thoughts and considerations provided by Barbara Drescher.
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Interview: Ivan Oransky [x:xx]
– Interview with Ivan Oransky.
– Helped found Retraction Watch.
– Contributor to MedPage Today.
– NYU Journalism Institute.
– TEDMed Talk: ‘Are we over-medicated?‘.
– Follow Ivan on Twitter: @ivanoransky.

Outro Music [x:xx]
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