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Kate Holden
 Interview: Kate Holden & Tiana Dietz
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Over the past several episodes, Skepticality has endeavored to showcase an eclectic range of skeptical activism. Our recent guests have overwhelmingly agreed that everyone has something to offer — and that "activism" comes in many flavors. This week, Derek & Swoopy talk with bloggers Kate Holden and Tiana Dietz, who recently had an unorthodox adventure at the well-known Intelligent Design think tank The Discovery Institute. These unapologetic rabble-rousers discuss the controversial tactics that took them where few skeptics have gone before.
Show Notes


Date -December 2nd, 2008 read by Swoopy.

Two of our big topics this year included: 
Everyday folks are becoming activists to promote skepticism.
The documentary Expelled was exposed as a promotional tool for Intelligent Design.
Kate Holden and Tiana Dietz are atheists and skeptics who blog online.
Listeners at home can play along with the Kate and Tiana's podcast drinking game here. 
Kate and Tiana decided to visit The Discovery Institute in Seattle, Washington.
In order to get in the door, the ladies had to claim they were pro-Intelligent Design.
They admittedly lied. 
Similar to how producers of Expelled lied in order to interview Richard Dawkins. 
Randy Olson's documentary Flock of Dodos had the cooperation of Michael Behe.
Both Kate and Tiana's blogs have been generating traffic thanks to links from Pharyngula 
Expelled is the 12th highest grossing documentary of all time.
The Discovery Institute's Casey Luskin asked Kate and Tiana to apologize on their blog.
Kate and Tiana are now encouraging skeptics to visit the Discovery Institute at this blog.
Skeptics visiting The Discovery Institute are encouraged to be honest, and polite. 
If you need directions to The Discovery Institute, try Google Maps.

Promo – eSkeptic

Kate's blog is Cuddly Atheism.
Tiana's blog is Enemy Combatant Trail Mix Appreciation Club. 
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