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Bill Nye,
 Caltech Talk: Bill Nye
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This round of Skepticality features a Skeptic Society sponsored talk which was given by the well known science communicator Bill Nye. Nye talks about the topics covered in his latest book, 'Undeniable', then afterwards sits down with Dr. Michael Shermer to talk one on one about how Nye got into science communication and the interesting journey he took on his way to become 'The Science Guy' most know him as today.
Show Notes

– Date – Feburary 3rd, 2015
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Skepticism, Past and Future [4:00]
The Devil’s Footprints in Devon, England were seen starting on February 8 and 9, 1855.
– The first raids in Scientology versus the Internet were on February 13, 1995.
– Scientology’s internet battles were previously mentioned on Skepticality #160.
Going Clear, a documentary on Scientology based on Lawrence Wright’s 2013 book of the same name, airs on HBO starting March 16.
Facebook’s new effort to tag false news stories is detailed on Tim’s blog..
– Skeptic History facts are posted daily on social media find out where on this page at Tim’s blog.

Wikipedia [11:52]
Norheast Conference on Science and Skepticism (NECSS).
New York City Skeptics.
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Skeptical Humanities [26:55]
– Robert Gore-Langton, "The Campaign to Prove Shakespeare Didn't Exist".
– Eve's INSIGHT posted article on
False Balance and the Shakespeare Authorship “Debate”.
Check out Skepticality Humanities blog!

The Odds Must Be Crazy [32:30]
– This week's featured story is, "Three Trendies".
– Story was submitted by Skepticality listener Michael McClure.
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– Additional thoughts and considerations provided by Barbara Drescher.
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Talk By: Bill Nye [41:30]
– Speaker is Bill Nye!
– His personal website is here.
– Get his newest book 'Undeniable' at this link!
– Should Virii have their own category of life?
– Bill did a video for 'Big Think' about not letting kids become creationists.
– The video led to his debate with Ken Ham from Answers In Genisis.
– Things like the 'Creation Museum' really bug science minded folks like Nye.
Duane Gish, another popular creationist who is quite wrong about science and reality.
– The United States population has a pretty poor understanding of the reality of climate change.
– We have known the climate change has been real and ongoing since Carl Sagan discussed it back in 1980.
– Some groups are trying to take tax money for purely religious projects which is illegal.
– Nye took a class from Carl Sagan as a freshman while going to Cornell University.
– He did a paper on the hoax technique of 'Kirlian Photography' which was supposed to show that ghosts were real.
– Nye made the mistake of commenting on the 'Deflate Gate' mess.
– You can get the book by using this link!
– If you are in the Southern California area, check out the Skeptic Society Lectures!

Outro Music [2:39:00]
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