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In keeping with a tradition of highlighting artists, illustrators, and film-makers who are bringing great stories of science to their genres, this week "Skepticality" is pleased to welcome James Lu Dunbar, author and illustrator of an educational series of graphic novels about the history of the universe targeted at children of all ages entitled The Universe Verse. Swoopy chats with Jamie about the process of creating this series of self-published books and how the second book in the series It's Alive (about evolution) is being in part being funded by supporters via donations on
Show Notes

Date – September 12, 2010 read by Swoopy

Dragon*Con and Skeptrack 2010 has come and gone.
We may be having another round table episode to talk about Dragon*Con.
This week we welcome author and illustrator James Lu Dunbar.
Jamie wrote an early book about Calculus starring a mountain goat.
He's created a series of illustrated books entitled The Universe Verse.
Book one of The Universe Verse was entitled BANG!
The books are written in rhyming verse.
Swoopy likes to think of Jamie as The Seuss of Science.
Jamie mentions one of his inspirations is The Lorax.
BANG was recommended by The Bad Astronomer.
Book 2 of The Universe Verse is entitled It's Alive! about the beginnings of life.
Evolution will be a big part of the science of the next two Universe Verse books.
Daniel Loxton also published a children's book about Evolution.
You can help make a full color version of It's Alive! possible.
Kickstarter allows people to fund their projects online by donation.
If you donate to The Universe Verse project there are premiums you can get.
You have until the 15th of September to help fund this project. Please help.
You can find out more about Jamie and The Universe Verse at his website.

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