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 Interviews: Rob Walch of Today in iPhone, Fraser Cain and Dr. Pamela Gay
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What's with all the media hype over the latest must-have electronic device, the iPhone? This week on Skepticality, Derek and Swoopy talk to Rob Walch, host of the Today in iPhone podcast, about the cult of Apple's newest release and ask whether if it lives up to the hype. While it seems most humans on Earth are busy looking for iPhones, the National Academy of Sciences has published a report that states we need to start looking for alien life with novel biochemistries. Fraser Cain and Dr. Pamela Gay, hosts of the Astronomy Cast, help Derek and Swoopy interpret the new report "The Limits of Organic Life in Planetary Systems", and what it means for the search for life in the universe.
Show Notes

Date – July 10th, 2007 – read by Derek

The latest issue of Skeptic magazine is on newsstands now.
Skeptic Vol. 13 No. 2 features Richard Dawkins on the cover.
The issue contains a review of The God Delusion by Norman Levitt and also Deepk Chopra.
Everything in the news is about iPhone.
Swoopy is sick of hearing about iPhone.
Swoopy is basically just jealous, because she doesn't have one.
Maybe in 2 years.
Rob Walch produces the Today in iPhone Podcast.
Rob also co-authored Tricks of the Podcasting Masters; voted best of 2006.
There are over 200 episodes of Podcast 411. Skepticality is number 68.
(intro Apple iPhone commercial)
Rob does drink the kool aid, he's a member of the Cult of Mac.
The first rumours for the iPhone began over 3 years ago.
It was never a question of IF for Rob, just a question of When.
Rob stood in line for 18 hours for iPhone. 
Rob had no trouble activating the device.
A majority of activation troubles were user created errors.
Estimates for sales of iPhone the first week are over 500, 000 units.
Most stores sold out in the first week, but were able to quickly restock the devices.
Rob considers the launch of iPhone very successful. So does Apple. 
Remember the birth of the iPod? Me either.
There was basically no promotion for the Zune.
Do you know anyone who has a Zune?
Is there an iPhone killer out there?
It took about a week for the iPhone to get hacked.
You cannot connect the iPhone to any other cellular carrier – yet.
The battery life on the iPhone is above average for a cell phone.
Battery replacement plans are the biggest gripe thus far of iPhone haters.
Iphone is creating new early adopters.
The device operates like the ad shows, but the ad may be fake. 
Similar to the iPhone, the attraction to iPhone is in it's design.
The design stands up to abuse.
Many accessories for iPod work for iPhone.
The applications bundled with iPhone include a full browser and a YouTube viewer.
The Edge network is not quite fast enough for full frame video, but Wi-Fi connections are.
Applications and features will be added with updates from Apple, and those will be free.
A recent iPhone Dev Camp encouraged the development of third party apps for iPhone.
The glass screen resists scratches and the touch screen is user friendly.
Rob tries to sound skeptical, but it seems he just loves the iPhone.
Email sent from iPhone – aren't you jealous? Yes – yes we are.
(outro music Apple iPhone commercial)
You can hear episodes of Today in iPhone and Podcast 411 at
Promo – eSkeptic.
Fraser Cain and Dr. Pamela Gay produce The Astronomy Cast. 
Dr. Pamela Gay is an astrophysicist and professor at Southern Illinois University. 
National Academies of Science published The Limits of Organic Life in Planetary Systems.
The report states that we should look at life with chemical structures and metabolisms different than our own.
We're fixated on carbon because we're based on carbon.
The future search for alien life should not exclude additional research into terrestrial life.
Getting kids interested in this new way of searching for life in the cosmos begins here on earth.
New forms of life are waiting to be discovered here. 
Fraser and Pam disagree on the level of excitement society would have on alien life.
Microbes are cool. 
NASA is already under funded.
Now that the report has been published, new exploration should begin.
You can find more information about Fraser Cain at
Universe Today shares it's forums with Bad Astronomy, the blog of Dr. Phil Plait.
We'll be seeing Pamela at Dragon*Con 2007 in Atlanta, GA.
Skepticality outro.

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