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This week Derek is finally back to the show after 'The Amazing Meeting' out in Las Vegas. And takes time to talk to Jon Hotchkiss, well known for the many science based television shows he has produced, directed, and written for. Shows such as; Bullshit! starring Penn and Teller and Pumpkin Chunkin' from the Science Channel. Jon's latest television project is another science show, This vs. That, which he is bringing to the masses via the Internet so he can ensure that the show is about the science, without the issues which plague the major media outlets. If you want more, science based entertainment, find out where your next fix might be come from.
Show Notes

– Date – August 13th, 2013
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Skepticism, Past and Future [2:45]
– The arrest of “David Mabus” on August 16, 2011 was mentioned before on Skepticality episodes #173 in January 2012 and #185 in June 2012.
– Read the continuing story of Mabus in great detail in two posts on Tim’s blog, the initial arrest in 2011 as well as his re-arrest in 2012 are both covered.
– Tim’s how-to post explaining how to pre-emptively block some annoying content on Twitter covers many clients. (But some of the details have changed since it was first posted).
– Tim reviewed The Block Bot on his blog, and found that (in general) it was not suitable for use by people outside the small community that originally built it.
– The conference calendar site Lanyrd was first mentioned on Skepticality #179 in March 2012.
– Lanyrd has rolled out a new speaker directory feature that is quite useful for skeptics.
– The In Memoriam presentation from TAM 2013 is now online.
– Skeptic History facts are posted daily on social media find out where on this page at Tim’s blog.

Wikipedia [9:20]
– Ruth Hurmence Green page who wrote the Atheist book, “The Born Again Skeptic's Guide to the Bible” in 1979.
Robert Ingersoll Birthplace Museum Wikipedia page.
Vashti McCollum Wikipedia page rewrite.
Guerrilla Skepticism on Wikipedia Blog.
– You can find Susan Gerbic at her website.

Skeptical Humanities [12:35]
The Vikings Meet Ancient Aliens, "Is It Possible?", No.
– Find more informat at the website: Skeptical Humanities.

The Odds Must Be Crazy [17:50]
– This week's featured story is, "A Tale of a First TAMmer".
– Story was submitted by reader Jim Preston.
– Additional thoughts and considerations provided by Barbara Drescher.
– Our producer and audio engineer is Brian Hart.
– Our theme music comes to us courtesy of Brian Keith Dalton, AKA Mr. Deity.
– Please visit The Independent Investigations Group Los Angeles.
– The Odds Must Be Crazy can be found on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.
– Wendy Hughes is on Twitter.
– Jarrett Kaufman is on Twitter.
– Barbara Drescher is on Twitter.
– Brian Hart is on Twitter.
– Brian Keith Dalton is on Twitter.

Interview: Jon Hotchkiss [23:51]
– President of Hotchkiss Enterprises.
Emmy nominated producer/creator of TV shows for networks like Discovery, TLC, NBC, GSN, and Playboy TV.
– The shows he has done directly tickle the happy bone of people who love science and critical thinking.
– This vs. That might be like an offshoot, or 'sequel' to shows like Mythbusters.
Hybrid vs Combustion is an example of an episode which he couldn't get on network TV.
– Show features some fairly well known comedians/stars.
– Check out sample clips and purchase the show at the show website.

Outro Music [1:08:00]
– Outro music donated by Trent Brusky of Dropfox.

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