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Ben Radford
 Interview: Benjamin Radford Paranormal Investigator
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This week on Skepticality we check in with author and paranormal investigator Benjamin Radford. A regular contributor to and Managing Editor for Skeptical Inquirer magazine, Ben talks with Derek & Swoopy about his recently completed fourth book and his investigations into weird paranormal mysteries — including UFO sightings in New Jersey, the haunted hotel where President Obama stayed prior to his inauguration, and the claims of police department psychics.
Show Notes

Date -February 3rd, 2009 read by Derek.

The Weather Channel folks are down with Punxsutawney Phil.
Could it be the bright lights of mass media are skewing the groundhog's predictions?
The Atlanta Skeptics will be hosting Atlanta Skepticamp on Feb 6-7th in Doraville, GA.
John Snider and David Driscoll are hosts of the American Freethought podcast.
You can contribute to the Atlanta skepticamp wiki at the new Atlanta Skeptics website. 
Find a skepticamp happening near you here! 
Darwin Day 2009 marks what would have been Charles Darwin's 200th birthday.
To find information on Darwin Day events world wide check out
The Decatur Atheist's Meetup Group will have their bash at The Thinking Man Tavern.
The guest speaker will be biologist Dr. Catherine Carter on the topic of natural selection. 
Promo – Brains Matter Podcast
Benjamin Radford the managing editor of Skeptical Inquirer and editor of Pensar. 
Ben is one of the world's few science-based paranormal investigators.
SCI-FI aired Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunters International all day Super Bowl Sunday.
Prior to inaugurationthe Obama family was staying at the historic Hay Adams Hotel. 
Some claim the Hay Adams, like many historic buildings is haunted.
Ben investigated strange lights reported over New Jersey's Morris County.
Like the Phoenix Lights in 2008, the New Jersey lights were a hoax.
Ben appeared on the Skeptiko podcast last fall.
The discussion on Skeptiko led to further investigation psychic detectives used by police. 
The specific case Ben has been researching the Amie Hoffman case. 
Due to the poor economy business for psychics is up.
Ben had a 90 percent accuracy rate on his own 2008 predictions.
For some reason, in New Mexico Pluto is still a planet.
Neil DeGrasse Tyson discusses this in his new book The Pluto Files.
Ben premiered his new board game Playing Gods at Dragon*Con 2008. 
Ben has been reviewing films for over 10 years on
A new film called Push focuses on a group of psychics on the run from the government.
Ben is about to release his second short film, Sirens.
Catch a promo for his first hilarious short, Clicker Clatter here.
Ben writes the Bad Science column for Live Science.
Ben also writes for Albuquerque New Mexico's alternative paper, The Alibi.
You can find out more about Playing Gods and buy the game here. 

Outro Music- George Hrab  Think For Yourself – See the Video!

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