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What if you could travel the world to ask scientists, artists, spiritual leaders, gurus, and everyday people why we exist? Documentary film-maker Roger Nygard (best known for his films about Star Trek fandom, Trekkies 1 and 2) did just that, conducting over 170 interviews to explore The Nature of Existence. This week on Skepticality, Swoopy talks with Roger about his journey across the globe, and what he discovered during his compelling conversations with people of faith and science (including Richard Dawkins, Leonard Susskind, and Skeptic Society founder Michael Shermer).
Show Notes

Date – November 16, 2010 read by Derek
Today's Guest is director Roger Nygard
Roger is best known for directing Trekkies 1 and 2.
We got a great report back from the Geocentrism Conference.
Seriously – scientists are not hiding secret geocentrist evidence.

Skeptic History Notes
South Park’s episode on John Edward first aired November 27, 2002.
South Park episode about Scientology first aired November 16, 2005.
Iowa Senator Tom Harkin was born November 19, 1939.
Oklahoma Senator James Inhofe was born November 17, 1934. has an alternative treatments tracker, a climate change tracker
and other ways to track skeptic-relevant topics in Congress.
Linus Pauling’s book Vitamin C and the Common Cold was leaked
to the press on November 18, 1970.
John Lykoudis was granted a Greek patent on his antibiotic cure
for ulcers on November 16, 1961.
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Roger's newest film is The Nature of Existence.
You can buy The Nature of Existence on DVD on November 23rd.
The film follows Roger as he travels the world asking all kinds of
people some big questions.
Scientists in the film include:
Professor Richard Dawkins, Daniel Gilbert, Leonard Susskind and
Dr. Michael Shermer
The film also features Empire Strikes Back director Irvin Kershner.
Orson Scott Card is a popular Sci-Fi author and member of the LDS church.
One of the polarizing figures in the film is Brother Jed a campus evangelist.
Brother Jed has debated comedian and atheist Stevie Ray Fromstein in the film.
Rabbi Boruch Kaplan discusses "Is-ness".
The idea of the multiverse provokes existential questions.
You can watch out takes and clips of the film online.
You can order the DVD for The Nature of Existence here! 

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