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Harriet Hall
 Interview: Dr. Harriet Hall
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This week on Skepticality, Swoopy talks with Skeptic magazine's resident expert critic of alternative medicine, "SkepDoc" Dr. Harriet Hall. Dr. Hall talks about about her recent memoir Women Aren't Supposed to Fly, which details her life as a family practice specialist, flight surgeon, pilot, and career Air Force officer. (She retired in 1989 as a full Colonel.) Dr. Hall also discusses her recent regular contributions to Skeptic magazine and "The Science-Based Medicine" blog, which is quickly becoming an invaluable source for in-depth, quality articles investigating questionable medical practices (not only in alternative medicine but within conventional medicine as well), illuminating the mysteries of medical science—and even insight into how doctors think.
Show Notes

Date – June 10th, 2008 read by Swoopy

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At the beginning of the 20th century about 5% of the doctors in the US were women.
In 1970 it was still only 7%.
Dr. Hall is Skeptic magazine's own SkepDoc.
The Science-Based Medicine Blog is a joint effort of 5 skeptical MDs.
Dr. Hall recently self-published her memoir, Women Aren't Supposed to Fly.
You can read Dr. Harriet Hall's columns at the The Science-Based Medicine Blog.
Have you ever heard of Vitamin 'O'?
In an article for CSI Dr. Hall discusses the frustration of trying to educate New Agers.
Weight Loss quackery is prolific, but not necessarily the most harmful.
Case in point: Akavar 20/50.
Much more insidious is the supposed alternative cure for cancer Laetrile.
The media report new "epidemics" every day, the newest one is Autism .
The unlikely accused culprit of Autism is Mercury, similar to those pesky amalgam fillings.
Celebrities (not scientists) want you to stop vaccinating your children.
Consumers tend to trust bogus products peddled by MD's like Dr. Andrew Weil. 
How many vitamins do people actually need?
Dr. Hall reviews books by, for and about quacks so you don't have to.
A good example is Christiane Northrup, MD's best seller Longevity claims are another area rife with quackery.
Swoopy remembers Scientific American Frontiers profile on Very Low Calorie diets. 
Women Aren't Supposed to Fly, is available at and iUniverse .
Dr. Hall will also be attending at The Amazing Meeting 6 in Las Vegas next week.
Shenigans at The Amazing Meeting are most likely the topic of our next few Skepticalitys.
We'll also be visiting the Grand Canyon on the lookout for Flood Creationists. 
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