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AJ Mass
 What Pujols and Peyton can teach us about Wookies and Wall St.
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Derek takes some time to sit down with AJ Mass, a staff writer for ESPN, and card dealer in Atlantic City, to discuss his new book 'How Fantasy Sports Explains the World'. From the Last Supper to Star Wars, winning advice about almost any facet of life can be found almost anywhere, especially when you pay attention to reality and the current known odds.
Show Notes

– Date – November 8th 2011
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Skeptic History Notes

– John Lykoudis’ November 16, 1961 patent of an antibiotic cure for ulcers was recounted in detail in Skepticality #143.
– Scientologists attempted to take over the NAMH in England on November 10, 1969.
– South Park took on Scientology in an episode on November 16, 2005.
– The Charity Commission for England and Wales denied Scientology charity status on November 17, 1999.
– Arnie Lerma of Lermanet was born November 18, 1950.
– Martin Kottmeyer pointed out the connection between TV’s Outer Limits and Betty & Barney Hill in 1990.
– Robert Taylor’s UFO of November 9, 1979 was just a few weeks after a similar vehicle appeared on Dr. Who.
– Travis Walton reported being abducted November 5, 1975, just a few weeks after the airing of a TV movie about Betty & Barney Hill.
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AJ Mass is a staff writer for ESPN who writes on fantasy sports.
– His new book is How Fantasy Sports Explains The World.
Fantasy Sports is all about picking a 'fake' team made up of real players in a sport.
– He used to be the mascot for the NY Mets, Mr. Met.
– If you are playing fantasy sports you have to seperate your personal feelings from the reality to win.
– AJ had an 'interesting' encounter with Allan Iverson.
– The lesson to learn is that we need allies.
Niel deGrasse Tyson discusses Schrodingers Cat in one interview with AJ Mass.
– Being a big geek AJ went out of his way to get in touch with some his favorite people like Jane Espenson, Yao-Man, and others.
– AJ was a big advocate for the West Memphis Three due to the DNA evidence.
– Humans do not like to admit they are wrong.
The number 12 is facinating.
– Parents sent AJ to a Dutch Reform Church as a comprimise.
– AJ was sent to a feild trip at a Indian Christian Church which was all done for show not authentic at all.
– In the United States of America, you are innocent until proven guilty.
Eyewitness testimony is highly unreliable.
Blackjack is a simple game of odds.
– You are allowed to bring Blackjack odds charts to the table with you at Casinos.
Paul the Octopus helped choose winners during one World Cup season.
– The octopus actually got death threats due to his predictions.
– Paredolia is funky and the same part of your brain causes you to choose bad options sometimes.
Repetition can cause faulty memories.
– On some TV shows you can now help choose the ending or outcomes.
– Love your inner geek!
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