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This week, Skepticality rounds out its Dragon*Con coverage with the Skeptrack panel inspired by Junior Skeptic Editor Daniel Loxton's op-ed essay, "Where Do We Go From Here?" Daniel also joins Swoopy to share his thoughts upon hearing the panel discussion, and about skeptical trends. Panelists for this conversation about the future of skeptical activism include the JREF's James Randi and Jeff Wagg, Skeptical musician George Hrab, Center for Inquiry's D.J. Grothe and Benjamin Radford, Lori Lipman Brown, Australian skeptic Dr. Karen Stollznow — and by popular demand, new JREF president Dr. Phil Plait.
Show Notes

Date – September 23rd, 2008 read by Swoopy.

Derek hasn't been on the show much because he organized Skeptrack 2008.
Daniel Loxton's op-ed featured on Skepticality 63 inspired a discussion panel.
Daniel is the current editor of Jr. Skeptic, bound into every issue of Skeptic.
Recent guest Tim Farley reminded us that everyone can contribute to skeptic outreach. 
In his youth, Daniel was more Mulder than Scully.
Daniel still has a love for traditional monster myths like bigfoot and Nessie. 
Skeptics often get derailed by arguing religion.
Promo – Reality Break with Dave Slusher 
Panelists include:
The Amazing Randi
George Hrab
Jeff Wagg 

D.J. Grothe 
Benjamin Radford 
Lori Lipman Brown
Dr. Karen Stollznow
Dr. Phil Plait 
Friday October 10th, at 7pm James Randi will be hosted by the NYC Skeptics. 
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