Skeptics Mix Tape & Jenny McCarthy

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Date -June 16th, 2009 read by Derek.

Did you attend Skeptics in the Pub this weekend?
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Daniel Loxton has been working on this one for awhile.
As always, Skeptical rock star George Hrab was the first one to offer help. 
Other artists include Jonathan Coulton, Artichoke, and Coco Love Alcorn.

Music – Coco Love Alcorn – “Thinking Cap” 

The song "Cosmic Carl" by Dr. SETI is a great tribute to Carl Sagan. 
The current issue of Jr. Skeptic magazine features Scooby Doo!
Everything I learned about skepticism I learned from Scooby Doo. (or Velma)

Music – George Hrab – "Skeptic" 

Jenny McCarthy has been spouting anti-vaccination rhetoric since 2007.
She also claimed that her son was a crystal child. 
Morbidity and Mortality reports from the CDC show that vaccine preventable diseases are on the rise.
Derek Bartholomaus was inspired to create The Jenny McCarthy Body Count website.
There is even a Jenny McCarthy Body Count Widget.
Derek has worked on a number of TV shows – this one you really should watch. 
Dr. Phil Plait's Bad Astronomy blog also highlights the exploits of Jenny.
Other great sites that cover anti-vaxxers include The Science Based Medicine Blog. 
Derek is also a member of the Independent Investigations Group of Los Angeles. 
One of Derek's long running investigations involves the case of Billy Meier.
There are many many misconceptions about autism and spectrum disorder. 
New studies are being undertaken to learn more about autism genetics.
Scientists have discovered a variant of a gene called CACNA1G that may increase children's risk of developing autism, particularly boys.
Jenny McCarthy now also blogs for, and may get her own show. 
Advocates of the Quiverful movement have litters of children and also do not vaccinate. 
Some parents have started home schooling to avoid vaccinating. 
Some kids go to school unvaccinated – at least 8000 in Georgia this year. 
Jenny McCarthy is now heralding her child Evan as recovering from Autism.
It's more likely recovered Autistic children were misdiagnosed. 
Amanda Peet is an advocate for childhood vaccination. 
Derek will be working on the post production for the new season of Criss Angel Mindfreak
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Outro Music – Tales from the Birdbath – “The Scientist”