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 Interview: Jeff Wagg of the JREF and George Hrab
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It seems for any particular social or interest group, there is a convention ncluding skepticism. The danger is that niche meetings may speak best to those who have already heard the message. For over a decade, Dragon*Con has been integrating factual science and space programming with science fiction material from popular literature, film, television and gaming, such as Star Wars and StarTrek.  This year, Derek and Swoopy worked alongside the directors of Dragon*Con's Space and Science programs to bring a contingent of notable skeptics to the world's largest culture convention. On this episode, Jeff Wagg, general manager of the James Randi Educational Foundation and musician, author and skeptic George Hrab share their Dragon*Con experiences, and discuss how skeptics can promote their views at conventions to help the skeptical movement find a broader audience.
Show Notes

Date – September 25, 2007, Read by Derek

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There are conventions for just about everything these days.
There are no shortage of Science Fiction and Fanstasy conventions.
Dragon*Con is the largest culture con in the world.
Over 30,000 people attended the four day Con this year. 
In addition to Science Fiction, Fantasy, Literature and Gaming Dragon*Con has Science.
And don't forget Dragon*Con tv. 
This year with the help of Dru and Rain we helped assemble lots of Skeptic programming.
Guests included:
Skeptic founder Dr. Michael Shermer 
General Manager of the James Randi Educational Foundation Jeff Wagg.
Skeptical Analysis of the Paranormal Society's Alison Smith.
Skeptical Inquirer's Benjamin Radford.
Skeptic, musician, author and podcaster George Hrab.
Educator, podcaster and astrophysicist Dr. Pamela Gay.
Science advisor for Battlestar Gallactica and Eureka and JPL Labs Dr. Kevin Grazier.
Jeff Wagg discovered Skepticism the way many of us do, on the magazine rack.
Upon discovering so many Skeptic resources Jeff jumped right into the fray.
Jeff got involved with the JREF by approaching James Randi and getting involved.
Any Skeptic can help out this way, by asking to get involved.
Most Skeptic organizations are non-profits and work on the back of volunteers.
Jeff now runs the JREF's website and helps organize The Amazing Meeting.
The standing room crowds for skeptics at Dragon*Con helps broadcast the message.
Science Fiction and Skepticism make for a good mix. 
Our skeptics challenged the X-track's Ghost Hunters to a debate.
Due to necessary changes in scheduling the Ghost Hunters declined to participate.
Instead Court TV's Patrick Burns and Graham Watkins stepped up for the Believers.
Dr. Michael Shermer and Alison Smith took the stage for the Skeptics.
This debate was filmed. (and now we have the DVD!)
The Amazing Meeting 5.5 will be held in Ft. Lauderdale in January 2008.
TAM 6 is scheduled for summer of 2008 at the Flamingo in Las Vegas.
The Amazing Adventure cruise to The Galapagos is nearly sold out.
Expect another turn out of Skeptics, and an appearance of James Randi for Dragon*Con 08.
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We met George Hrab through his producer, musician and skeptic Slau of B Sharp studios.
Our first interview with George is still one of my favorites.
We're now proud to say we knew George "when" before his meteoric rise to fame.
Musician, skeptic and now author, George just published his "Non-Coloring Book".
All five of George's albums are available now through iTunes.
The Geologic Podcast was nominated this year for a Parsec award.
George now makes appearances at conventions like Balticon and Dragon*Con.
His day job with the Philadelphia Funk Authority keeps him busy.
This year George was asked to give a Geology talk at Dragon*Con.
George recently began writing a song for each of the Elements in the Periodic Table.
You can find out more about George through his website Geologic Records.
You can order the "Non-Coloring Book" through
The Geologic Podcast and all of George's albums are available through iTunes.
Next week we'll talk to Alison Smith of SAPS and astrophysicist Dr. Pamela Gay. 
Skepticality outro.

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