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Darryl Cunningham
 Interview: Darryl Cunningham
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Derek has discussion with artist/writer, Darryl Cunningham, about his work and how a health care assistant/cartoonist decided to take on the job of educating the public about misconceptions surrounding psychiatry, science, and even world financial affairs.
Show Notes

– Date – June 28th, 2016
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Interview: Darryl Cunningham [xx:xx]
– Likes to call himself a cartoonist.
– Has written/produced books such as Psychology Tales, Science Tales, and Supercrash.
– Was involved in the late 80’s, mid 90’s graphic novel/comic book industry.
– After being only mildly successful in comics he started to work in mental health facilities as a care giver.
– His work within those medical clinics gave him the material for what became his book ‘Psychology Tales’.
– His listening to podcasts such as Skepticality and the Skeptics Guide to the Universe led him to writing his book ‘Science Tales’ which is full of topics such as evolution, MMR vaccine denial, Chiropractic treatments, and such.
– It is interesting that some of these pseudoscientific ideas are not very well entrenched in some parts of the world as others are. Like Chiropractic is big in the United States, and Homeopathy being big in Germany.
– Many practitioners of pseudoscientific medical treatments are fooled by their own bias.
– He had a fairly popular chapter in Science Tales about the Moon landing and those who think it may have been a hoax.
– For his next book he decided to dig into the global financial crisis and how it related to things like Alan Greenspan’s relationship with the works of Ayn Rand and her ideas.
– The lack of scientific understanding by the man on the street has is nothing to their total lack of understanding in finance, especially global finance.
– Darryl has been quoted as making the claim that he is not interested in presenting a ‘balanced view’, just to show the information and facts as they really are.
– Right after the results of the ‘Brexit’ vote for the UK to leave the EU was announced, Google showed that the top search terms coming out the UK were people finding out about ‘What is the EU?’.
– His next book is going to be stories about scientists which are highly important, but not well known.
– People such as Mary Anning, the fossil researcher who was not able to join the research.
– You can find Darryl on Facebook, Twitter, his blog, and find his books on Amazon.

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