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Did you know there were comic books made for lovers of Science? This week we interview not one, but two authors of comic books and graphic novels dealing with the themes of Science and Skepticism; Chris Wisnia of Tabloia and Jim Ottaviani of G.T. Labs.
Show Notes

Date -Sunday, October 8th, 2006 – read by Swoopy

Skepticality theme.
We discuss the Science and Skepticism Comics Double Feature.
Introducing Chris Wisnia
What is Tabloia?
On being self published.
On finding Skepticism.
The origins of Dr. Debunko's real name.
The foreward of Dr. Debunko.
On comics for more adult audiences.
Making science cool in comics.
Portraying Skeptics in fiction.
Raising kids to be critical thinkers.
What's coming up for Dr. Debunko.
The next project: Limbo Cafe.
How illustrators can influence perception.
The power of illustrated media.
Swoopy mentions the 9/11 report graphic novel.
Choosing Topics for Dr. Debunko.
Chris loves Junior Skeptic.
On being respectful of beliefs while debunking.
Working with artists you admire.
Ojo and Sam Keith.
Swoopy goes a little nuts over The Maxx.
On the conundrum of financing personal projects by doing mainstream work.
Comics and the movies.
Swoopy can't remember Nicholas Cage's name in reference to Ghost Rider the movie.
Have computers changed art forever?
Swoopy can't really draw..but her computer can.
Is traditional animation dead?
CGI can't beat Ray Harryhausen.
Swoopy gets nostalgic about traditional animation.
Flaws help validate reality in art …and life?
Dr. Debunko available in stores October.
Find your local comics retailer.
Skepticality outro.
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