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Brian Brushwood
 Interview: Brian Brushwood
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Don't try this at home! This trick just might kill you! Fool your friends, amaze your family and scam your way to free drinks! These taglines and more invite the average college student to study with spiky-haired rabble rouser, Brian Brushwood, skeptic, author and award winning magician via his popular podcast Scam School. This week Derek and Swoopy talk with Brian about his work and reveal the biggest scam of all, that Brian Brushwood is the epitome of the modern skeptic, and beneath the bar room bravado lurks the mind of well studied, articulate critical thinker.
Show Notes

Date -June 30th, 2009 read by Derek. 

We got some great feedback about The Skeptic's Mixtape Project.
Another music project has come to our attention The Charlotte Pop Fest!
Proceeds from The Charlotte Pop Fest will benefit The Richard Dawkins Foundation. 
Acts playing the Charlotte Pop Fest 2009 include Jill Sobule, The Knack and The Posies.
You can listen to the Charlotte Pop Fest podcast here. or on iTunes. 
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Are we really not teaching kids cursive anymore?

Brian Brushwood is a full on skeptic, just don't tell anyone.
Swoopy is also a big fan of his co-host puppet Mr. Happypants .
Check out Brian using mind control on his co-workers.
There are three followers in a vase, the third flower is yellow.
You may spot Brian at The Amazing Meeting.
The Amazing Meeting 7 is held July 9-12, 2009 at the South Point Hotel and Casino.
You can follow Brian Brushwood on Twitter.
Skeptics do their fair share of work in bars like at Skeptics in the Pub.
Find your own local Drinking Skeptics here. Also on Twitter.
Skeptics at the Strip Club is not an official group – yet. 
You can catch Scam School online and through iTunes. 
All things Brian Brushwood are also at

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