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Ben Radford
 Interview: Benjamin Radford co-author of Lake Monster Mysteries
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Last week, new video surfaced of the elusive and famous Loch Ness monster and a £1 million prize was offered for proof of the creature's existence. There were over 30 sightings reported in 24 hours by concert goers at the "Rock Ness" festival who were offered "Nessie Snapper" cameras to keep an eye on the water as they rocked out through the weekend. On this week's Skepticality Derek and Swoopy talk to the Center for Skeptical Inquiry's own Benjamin Radford about his definitive book that investigates sightings of Nessie as well as other prominent lake monsters, Lake Monster Mysteries: Investigating the World's Most Elusive Creatures, co-authored by fellow skeptical investigator Joe Nickell.
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Lake Monster Mysteries

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