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Peter Steidl has a remarkable blend of academic, intellectual, commercial and creative thinking skills that make him unlike anyone else.

He has worked as a marketing academic, a researcher, an educator, an author and a speaker. So he understands brand theory. But he has also worked as an advertising, brand identity and media strategist; a business consultant; and a brand facilitator. So he’s been at the coal face and seen theory put into practice. He has worked with big businesses and big brands across a myriad of categories and in many different countries.

In addition to this vast and unique experience, Peter continues to have an insatiable appetite to do work that matters. At the heart of Peter’s skills is his genuine understanding and passion for brands. But he never looks at a brand in isolation – he always looks at brands in context of the category, the business, the competition, the product, the consumer and the communications – and he advises on opportunities to improve in all of these areas whether you ask for them or not.

As heard on Skepticality episode #220 ‘You Know You Want This’.

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