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This week, Skepticality nears the end of its Amazing Meeting wrap-up. Derek & Swoopy are honored to sit down with retired Lieutenant Colonel Hal Bidlack PhD, who is one of the warmest people in skepticism. Hal discusses not only his Master of Ceremonies role at past and future Amazing Meetings, but also his role as an Alexander Hamilton scholar and his own future career in politics. Then, Swoopy interviews Aussie educators Kylie Sturgess and Michael McRae about their work in bringing skepticism and critical thinking into their classrooms.
Show Notes

Date – February 13th, 2007 – read by Swoopy

Swoopy does not apologize for taking the show out for a solo drive.
Swoopy talks about skeptilebrities being mobbed at The Amazing Meeting Five.
Swoopy enthuses over her chance encounter with Adam Savage.
Note A Whiter Shade of Pale playing in the background.
Unnamed fan of Mythbusters worries that the Mythbusters put themseves in danger.
Tori is the new Buster.
Adam talks about feeling most at home among skeptics and scientists.
Mythbusters has changed a lot since the beginning.
The Adam and Jamie dynamic has helped make Mythbusters as popular as it is.
Solving the myth is still the foundation of Mythbusters, despite all the explosions.
Audience participation is a factor in the Mythbusters equation.
A fan approaches Adam to ask about his bid of the Ig Nobel Prize.
A Survey to Yield an Accurate Taxonomy of Idioms Pertaining to Large and Small Amounts.
Adam's art has evolved into what he does as a Mythbuster.
The Elegance of the Science acheived in Mythbusters is still key.
Adam has vowed to bring all the Mythbusters to TAM year after year.
This year Adam wants to prove Natural Selection as part of Mythbusters.
Swoopy tries to lure The Mythbusters to Dragon*Con.
Adam says if he's there, it'll be in full storm trooper gear.
Derek sits down with lobbyist Lori Lipman Brown.
There is an obvious connection between Secular Humanists and Skeptics.
Science is a bridge linking critical thinking to the separation of church and state.
The Secular Coalition for America works to change the rules for Faith Based Initiatives.
Not only is the lobby used to promote secularism, but to treat those of faith equally.
Last Session a bill that sex education be fact based went nowhere.
Public education on controversial issues is key to gaining support for secular issues.
Lobby reform puts all lobbyists on an even playing field.
The Highest Elected Non-Theist Official Contest winner will be announced soon.
Of 500 members of Congress only 12 Representatives choose not to claim religious affiliation in the Congressional directory.
No Congressman or Senator denote themselves as atheist in either directory.
The Coalition chooses the phrase non-theist to include as many groups as possible.
The perception of non-theists in government is already improving.
The challenges of fund raising for a non-theistic non-profit organization.
The Secular Coalition for America survives on donations from the public.
Swoopy enthuses about her chat with Benjamin Radford.
Promo – Dr. Ginger Campbell of The Brain Science podcast.
Ben thinks that journalists are getting bolder about asking tough questions.
Media is now everywhere, how do we filter that?
Media monopoly needs to be outed, and questioned by consumers.
Complain to the FCC.
Lake Monster Mysteries: Investigating the World's Most Elusive Creatures
Lately, fighting fundamentalists has overshadowed traditional paranormal topics.
Ben's short film Clicker-Clatter (film clip found!) is making the rounds at film festivals.
It's funny because it's true.
The Amazing Meeting is about fostering community among skeptics.
Phil Plait's talk on debunking the Moon Hoax is classic media mythbusting.
Ben is currently investigating Bad Clowns and Phantom Clowns.
Swoopy approves of debunking bad clowns.
Ben also does film reviews.
Swoopy and Ben geek on film.
Best movie for skeptics: Contact of course.
GATTACA is spelled with the abbreviations for the nucleotide bases for genetic code.
More Amazing Meeting interviews coming from The Infidel Guy, Kylie Sturgis and more.
Promo – Skeptic Magazine.
Skepticality outro.
Trypod Network Shoutout.

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