Medical Nonsense

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– Date – October 18th, 2016
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Wikipedia Update [x:xx]
– Invocations at government meetings.
– More about Susan Gerbic.

Skeptical Humanities [x:xx]
– Bess Lovejoy, “What Do the Scary Clowns Want?”.
– Ronald Hutton, “The Wild Hunt and the Witches’ Sabbath
Skeptical Humanities.

Win A Copy of The Story of God [x:xx]
– Win a copy of ‘The Story of God’ by Chris Matheson.
– To enter the contest is go to the Skepticality Facebook page and mention the contest and what would you do if you found out you became God.

Skeptrack 2016 Talk: Medical Nonsense [xx:xx]
Skeptrack at Dragon Con.
– The talk audio was provided by Mark Distler and his company, Abrupt Media.
Angie Feazel Mattke.
– Angie on Twitter at @diverdowndoc.

Outro Music [x:xx:xx]
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