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This week Derek has a conversation with returning guest, Dr. Bo Bennett. In the past few months Bo has been working on his latest book, 'Uncomfortable Ideas'. In the book, Bennett discusses many of the 'hot button' topics which even the most rational of us tend to shy away from discussing, or thinking about critically. As Bo says in the book, "Facts don't care about feelings. Science isn't concerned about sensibilities. And reality couldn't care less about rage." Find out why it is important to push through discomfort, and engage even the hardest issues with rational thought.
Show Notes

– Date – January 24th, 2017
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Wikipedia Update [x:xx]
– Interview from the New Zealand Skeptics Conference.
– More about Susan Gerbic.

Skeptical Humanities [x:xx]
– Dr. Jen Gunter, “Dear Gwyneth Paltrow, I am a GYN and your vaginal jade eggs are a bad idea.

Interview: Dr. Bo Bennett [xx:xx]
– “Uncomfortable Ideas“.
More about Dr. Bo.
– John on Twitter at @BoBennett.

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– Outro music donated by Trent Brusky of Dropfox.

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