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Reginald Finley
 Reginald Finley and Scott Sigler's Ancestor
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This week Derek and Swoopy talk to a legend in Skeptical broadcasting, Reginald Finley, known to his friends as The Infidel Guy and we take part in Monday Bloody Monday as we help launch the publication of author Scott Sigler's newest podiobook to print: Ancestor.
Show Notes

Date – March 19th, 2007 – read by Derek

We're excited to have finally met Reginald Finley.
You can get a free copy of Scott Sigler's soon to be published Ancestor HERE!
Thanks for the voicemail.
An example of less than fun voicemail.
An example of the best kind of voicemail.
Brian Dunning debunks my Amazing Meeting recording process.
There were some less than stellar results.
But some sounded just great.
Results require more testing.
Brian Dunning's wife is naked on the cover of the 2007 Skepchick’s calendar.
Reginald Finley has been producing the Infidel Guy Show for 8 years.
We get down to the business of talking to the man himself.
On getting more minorities into skepticism.
On fighting to stay profitable when most podcasts are free.
Reginald wonders what Matt Stone doesn't understand about The God Delusion.
Matt Stone gives Amazing Meeting participants his thoughts on Richard Dawkins.
I hope Matt Stone talks to Reginald some day.
On trying to get big names on "small time radio".
The medium IS NOT the message. The Message is the Message.
Then there was the matter of my question to Pen Jillette – and his answer.
We hope that big media catches up soon.
The Infidel Guy is also on YouTube and StikCam.
We love our volunteers that keep websites and forums going.
Reginald has a very impressive guest list.
The Debate Hour has opened up debate from both sides and brought new listeners.
Reginald has had the opportunity to educate.
Support the Infidel Guy if you can and keep this important show alive.
Promo –
We have friends who are skeptics, scientists and podcasters – some are all three.
Scott Sigler's upcoming novel Ancestor will be published on April 1st.
We're giving you Ancestor in PDF format for free, before it's published.
Scott's other podiobooks include Earthcore, Infection and The Rookie.
Scott tells us about Monday Bloody Monday.
We're okay with Siglerism.
Send an email to contest at for a chance to win autographed books.
We have 2 signed review copies of Ancestor, 2 signed copies of Earthcore, and 2 special edition signed audio cds of Earthcore.
We'll choose a winner in two weeks.
Check out Reginald Finley and Scott Sigler, smart and entertaining skeptics.
Skepticality outro.
Trypod Network Shoutout.

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