Illustrating Women in Science

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– Date – September 20th, 2016
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Wikipedia Update [x:xx]
George Hrab.
CSICon Las Vegas 2016.
– George Hrab Wikipedia Page.
– More about Susan Gerbic.

Skeptical Humanities [x:xx]
– Carl Sagan’s Demon Haunted World.
– Arthur J. Cramp ‘Testimonials-Mainly Medical‘.
The Houston Cancer Quack.
Virtual Skeptics.
Skeptical Humanities.

Interview: Rachel Ignotofsky [xx:xx]
Rachel Ignotofsky’s Website
– She even offers free images you can grab for yourself.
– Cape May, NJ, is full of Victorian style houses.
– Derek’s Grandfather did most of the ‘Doo Wop’ style glass signage in Wildwood back in the day.
– Went to the Tyler School of Art.
– Her work ended up on Project Runway soon after she left Hallmark, which used the ‘Signature’ Hallmark brand.
– Growing up, Rachel was always exposed to science and critical thinking, like Bill Nye.
– Most of her scientific illustration comes in the form of fun infographic styling.
– She got to do a whole series of graphics for Fandango based on pop-culture as of movie marketing.
– The upcoming game by ‘Phylo Games’ features her artwork, a project to fund Darwin’s Beagle for a museum.
– Her first book just came out ‘Women in Science: 50 Fearless Pioneers Who Changed the World‘.
– The book features amazing women like: Grace Hopper, Hedy Lamarr, and others.
– There will be a new movie coming out about the life of Katherine Johnson, the ‘human computer’.
– Before the Mark I era, humans had the job of being ‘computers’, they were mainly women.
– Pachel got to, finally, do what she always wanted… a book with an illustrated glossary.
Get her new book about all the cool women in science!

Outro Music [x:xx:xx]
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