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John Harris
 Interview: Dr. John M. Harris Curator, George C. Page Museum - Rancho La Brea
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On a special Thursday edition of Skepticality, Swoopy talks with Dr. John M. Harris, curator of the George C. Page Museum at Rancho La Brea. Yesterday, it was announced that a new excavation near La Brea has unearthed the largest known cache of fossils from the last ice age including an eighty percent in-tact mammoth, named Zed.
Show Notes

Date -February 19th, 2009 read by Derek.

Announced yesterday – the largest known cache of fossils from the last ice age.
The find actually occurred in 2007.
Audio – Dirty Jobs – Discovery Channel 
The fossils were excavated in preparation for a parking garage near La Brea. 
This new find is being referred to as Project 23.
Assemblage 23 is something altogether different.
Dr. Harris has been chief curator of the George C. Page Museum since 1993.
Dr. Harris did early work on gomphotheres.
He co-edited Lothagam: The Dawn of Humanity in Eastern Africa with Meave Leakey 
I had just seen Mike Rowe on Dirty Jobs, work at La Brea.
Mike actually helped clean parts of Zed the mammoth on the show. 
You can see the 23 crates in these photos. 
An excavator at La Brea has more Project 23 photos on her Flickr.
The La Brea Tar Pits, are actually asphalt, not tar.
The oldest fossil from La Brea is a wood fragment dated at around 40 thousand years. 
Pit 91 has been an ongoing excavation since 1969.
The most talked about find from Project 23 is Zed, a mammoth who led a rough life. 
Ongoing work at Rancho La Brea yields clues to patterns of global climate change. 
You can find out how to visit La Brea, or volunteer at La Brea's website.

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